Awards Minute Video: What ever happened to Sacheen Littlefeather?

Meriah Doty
Yahoo! Movies Oscars Blog
25 January 2013

It was one of the most memorable and controversial moments in the history of the Oscars. In 1973, Marlon Brando sent an unknown 26-year-old Native American activist named Sacheen Littlefeather to the stage on his behalf, to refuse the Best Actor Academy Award for his iconic role as Don Vito Corleone in “The Godfather.”

The audience was clearly shocked by Brando’s brash request. Standing at the podium, Littlefeather explained to the A-list crowd that the actor was turning down the award to protest “the treatment of American Indians today by the film industry.”

Now, 40 years later, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Littlefeather is speaking out about that single moment that changed her life forever. Check out the vid to see how Sacheen moved on from that iconic appearance with Brando and what she’s accomplished since her abrupt brush with fame.

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