• Says Ajay Devgn on why he doesn’t like watching himself in his earlier films. Excerpts

    After ‘Rascals’ bombed at the box-office and audience rejected this crude slapstick film, Ajay Devgn came out with a statement that he will never do any film, which has double-meaning jokes or vulgarity. True to his word, he has stayed away from anything remotely corny, making sure that his family audience is happy. Now he is back in the remake of the 80s hit ‘Himmatwala’ directed by his college buddy Sajid Khan. In a candid chat, Ajay Devgn talks about wearing white keds, dancing and his biggest critic.

    Excerpts from the interview:

    How did ‘Himmatwala’ come about?

    Sajid and I are college friends and he has always been a ‘Himmatwala’ freak. Right from the college days, he has been talking about remaking ‘Himmatwala’ when he becomes the director. When he called me up, I knew what it was about. This film is an out and out commercial film with bit action, comedy and melodrama like the 80s. So it was

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  • Sajid Khan talks about how ‘Himmatwala’ changed the way he viewed films 30 years ago

    When ‘Himmatwala’ released in 1983, an 11-year-old boy would go to one cinema hall every week to watch the film. Once a week, for 36 weeks, he skipped his lunch and used the lunch money to buy tickets. His love for films was so intense that he would enact few scenes from the film at Juhu beach and earn appreciation and money. 30 years later, he is all set to pay tribute to his favourite childhood film with his own version.

    It is difficult to not feel the childlike enthusiasm in Sajid Khan as it talks about his latest film, set to be released in two weeks. As he sat smoking countless cigarettes (I have to give up smoking, he says) and talking about his larger-than-life take on the ‘83 hit, Sajid makes no bones about being unfazed by the inevitable comparisons with the earlier film. “When you see the film, you will realize that the script is different. Today, every film is a remake.”

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  • Aamir Khan is set to attempt the longest kiss with Anushka Sharma in ‘Peekay’. We’re waiting with bated breath

    This doesn’t come as a surprise though. Before Emraan Khan created hype and controversies with his on-screen kisses, earning the title of ‘serial kisser’, our Khan had already earned a reputation of having atleast one mouth-to-mouth suction in his films which are a lot more than two flowers caressing each other. Needless to say, the audience isn’t complaining either.

    When he debuted with 'Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak', he became an overnight star and his lip-lock with co-star Juhi Chawla was an instant hit. After shedding their inhibitions in the lip-lock department, they went ahead and shared quite a few in their later films, the last one being ‘Ishq’ in 1997.

    But his loyalties didn’t rest with his first co-star only. His pairing with the reigning queen of that time, Madhuri Dixit in Dil resulted in light liplock. Madhuri had already become an expert after her steaming

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  • Forget Emraan Hashmi, Bollywood now has a superstar for lip service

    No, we don’t blame the Bollywood beauties for succumbing to his Greek God looks or his super hot bod and Katrina Kaif is soon to get his lip service in the remake of Tom Cruise- Cameron Diaz starrer ‘Knight and Day’. Not much is known about the coveted lip-lock, whether it is going to be a wink and miss one like ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’ or more intense, like the one in ‘Dhoom 2’.

    Hrithik-Ash's passionate kiss in 'Dhoom 2'The Bollywood hunk is no stranger to passionate kissing as well and has indulged it in quite a few films. While his intimate lip lock in Kites sparked off rumours of their off-screen romance, it was his passionate smooch with Aishwarya Rai which shocked the audience. The self-righteous Indian audience was offended that a married man was locking his lips with the Bachchan Bahu (That was before the shaadi). The film became a hit and the kiss was one of the most You-Tubed scene of the year.

    The actor is no stranger to kissing controversies

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  • Sudhir Mishra on Inkaar, the women in his films and why he doesn’t remember his earlier films

    When Sudhir Mishra wrote ‘Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro’ in the 80s, little did he know that it will become a cult film in the history of Indian cinema. Made at a shoestring budget of roughly Rs 8-9 lakh, ‘Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron’ was no blockbuster, but its contribution is unquestionable. Even his 1996 crime-thriller ‘Is Raat Ki Subah Nahin’ was ahead of its time, while the 2005 drama ‘Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi’ is perhaps what he is most remembered for. But Mishra doesn’t believe in resting on his past accolades. “For me, it is over because if you keep on thinking about your past achievements, it is going to be dangerous. I agree with what Danny Boyle had once said that every film should be like your first film. That adventure is the excitement,” he says.

    Mishra’s films are known for the way he writes for his female protagonists who are not mere props in the films and he is quick to reveal that he draws

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  • Says Arjun Rampal as he tells us why it is important to educate children about sexual harassment

    “Why don’t we discuss such topics with our children,” asks Arjun Rampal. One look at him and you are convinced that this man cannot even hurt a fly but this is the reason why Sudhir Mishra chose the actor in the first place. Arjun’s suave and sophisticated looks makes it impossible to see him as a perpetrator who harasses women. Inkaar opens with Arjun’s character facing an inquiry committee for a sexual harassment case and the story goes back and forth from there. “It is a relevant film in today’s time. I have two daughters and it is important to watch this film with your teenaged children because soon your child will be in an environment like this,” he adds. In a candid chat, the actor talks about his film and why parents should discuss such issues with their children.

    Excerpts from the interview:

    When you consider a role, what excites you as an actor?

    I always wanted to work with Sudhir;

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  • Veteran actor Pankaj Kapoor on his films, Indian cinema, and why he is still prefers a pen over keyboard

    “I like the romance of the pen making its mark on the paper,” says Pankaj Kapoor as we are ushered into his office in Versova which is devoid of any latest gadgets. “When people see me writing, they advice me use an Ipad or a laptop as it is easier. I don’t belong to that world but I am trying to cope up and keep pace with it.” Dressed in casuals, he sips a cup tea and politely offers us refreshments as we sit for a quick chat about his upcoming film ‘Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola’. His directorial debut 'Mausam' may have failed to impress the audience but Pankaj Kapoor is still unfazed with the failure. "I think the film was 15 to 20 minutes longer for today's audience," he feels. At 60, the actor is choosy about the characters he portrays and is a self-acknowledged stickler for perfection. After graduating from the National School of Drama, Pankaj came to the limelight with Gandhi

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  • With Dabangg 2 set to hit the screens next week, here's why Bollywood always places its bets on sequels

    A Robinhood like cop with a great sense of humour in a small town in UP is the biggest recall value Salman Khan ever got in his two-decade career. Cashing in on the popularity of the first part, Salman and team is back with the sequel and Dabangg 2 is the story going ahead. "Salman and Sonakshi's couple is married now and this film stresses on how a married couple can also be romantically inclined to each other," says Arbaaz Khan.
    Behind the scenes: Dabangg 2

    In 2012, Bollywood has churned out as many as seven sequels of its earlier hits, ranging from already released Jism 2, Jannat 2 to upcoming Dostana 2. While the former had nothing common with its original part other than the lead actor Emraan Hashmi, Dostana 2 will see Abhisekh Bachchan and John Abraham fight for Katrina Kaif. When asked why he chose to play with the 'Dostana' title again, Karan Johar was quick to tell the

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  • Says Karan Johar as he tells us why he chooses to make films on relationships

    Karan Johar's repertoire as a director of 'family' films, endorsing Packed To The Rafters was the right choice. The film maker is seen promoting the soon-to-be launched show and says that he 'Connected with each character in some level.' The director is unfazed that his teeny blooper Student of The Year failed to make a mark at the box-office. Ask him why he chooses to stick to romance in his films, he is quick to reply, "We like to watch what is aspirational and perfect love is aspirational and that's why we enjoy it so much." In a candid chat, Karan Johar talks about his favourite tv shows, why he loves making films on relationships and his definition of a successful film.

    Excerpts from the interview:

    When you watch a film, Can you step back from being a director to enjoy it?

    Sometimes it is a bit difficult you are a part of the medium and profession which makes you a bit judgmental towards other pieces

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  • ‘I never watch my films'

    Says Rani Mukerji as she talks about 'Talaash', her choice of films and why romance always works in India

    As we are ushered into Rani Mukerji's tastefully done up office, we are strictly told that Rani won't be available for photo shoot. Few minutes later we find out why. Sitting with a freshly scrubbed face with minimal makeup, the actress looked relaxed and very much at peace (Is a certain Chopra responsible for it?). Her last release Aaiyaa may have got mixed response but Rani is nonchalant about it. Ask her if she is disheartened and Rani is quick to retort, "It can't bother me because as actors, we are meant to do projects and not meant to forecast whether it will work or not." Her latest release Talaash is a suspense-drama with Aamir Khan and Kareena Kapoor. Rani is one of the very few actresses who never had any qualms about working in a multi-starrer. "Multi starrers are infact lot of fun as it like a picnic with s many stars working together," she says. In a candid chat, Rani

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