• The transformers

    Aamir's look in 'Dhoom3'

    With Aamir Khan perfecting his body to play a gymnast in Dhoom 3, here's a look at actors who have wowed us with their whittling waistlines and iron-pumped chests

    Three years ago, Bollywood went crazy when Kareena Kapoor emerged from the water wearing a green bikini and looking almost anorexic. Size-zero had invaded the tinsel town and every heroine worth her body toed the line. Not to be left behind, their male counterparts rushed to the nearest gym after Aamir Khan flaunted his eight packs in 'Gajini'. Now he has again hit the gym with vengeance to play a gymnast with negative shades in 'Dhoom 3'.  Here's a look at actors who have wowed us with their whittling waistlines and iron-pumped chests

    Aamir Khan in 'Gajini': It took 13 months and a daily regimen of four hours to get the most talked about eight-packs. Aamir's 'Gajini' body was fueled mostly with 16 egg whites through  the day and atleast 1000 abdomen crunches everyday. So eight packs, anyone?

    Kareena Kapoor in
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  • Set for second innings

    Here's a list of Top 10 actresses who are all set for their second innings at the box-office

    The times are changing and Bollywood is also in a state of flux. Earlier, the shelf-life of an actress was limited where an actress was as good as her last box-office release. Those who got an extension were relegated to the background and had to play the role of a mother or sister to the co-star she had romanced few years ago. Not anymore as this year marks the return of the 90s heart throbs who are looking better and fitter than ever. Here's our list :

    Sridevi: With occasional ramp walks and a few outings at social dos, the actress has been a photographer's delight with her super toned figure, all thanks to power yoga and umpteenth cups of green tea. Sri is all set to make a comeback in a film titled 'English Vinglish' which is being directed by Gauri Shinde, wife of R. Balki  of 'Cheeni Kum' and 'Paa'

    Madhuri Dixit: After ruling the roost for a decade, Madhuri bid adieu to films and

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  • When love is friendship

    Taking a cue from SRK's famous dialogue, here's a compilation of films with Bollywood's hit formula but different treatment

    In Bollywood, nothing sells better than a heart-warming love story.Throw in a bit of friendship and we have the perfect antidote even for the most skeptical viewer and Karan Johar has been milking this formula for years, his latest offering being 'Ek Main Aur Ek Tu'. The formula is almost always the same. Boy and girl are friends and at some point in the film, they will realize their love for each other. So here's a compilation of films with same formula but different treatment.

    Maine Pyaar Kiya: Apart from the 'Friend' cap and the Kaboortar, this film has many landmark dialogues which has been plagiarised by many in different ways. One of them being 'In friendship, no sorry, no thank you'. This story of friendship blossoming into love struck a cord with the old and young alike making Salman and Bhagyashree stars overnight.

    Kuch Kuch Hota Hai: This blockbuster

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  • Will Piggy get chopped?

    Priyanka's proximity to Shah Rukh Khan is making her lose all her industry friends. Here's the dope

    Few days ago, SRK had a visitor at an unusual hour- his 'Don' co-star Priyanka Chopra who walked into his office at 11pm and stayed there for almost four hours. While no one objects to having 3am friends, their staff was seen trying hard to keep this meeting under wraps and guarding the vicinity zealously, looking out for errant photographers. But then, if you have a wife at home who doesn't approve of your friendship and you are the biggest star in the industry, you would certainly try this hard.

    Rumour has it that Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri's two-decade-old marriage is in trouble for the first time and close friends of the couple are wasting no time in pointing towards Priyanka Chopra. The 'Jungli billi' (as SRK calls her) has been a constant at SRK's side for some time now- cheering for his IPL team, entertaining his guests with her singing skills at Mannat etc. During the last leg of

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  • Return of the devil

     'Agneepath' marks the return of the Bollywood baddie who is meaner and stronger than ever

    The bald, colossal and tattooed look of Sanjay Dutt as Kancha Cheena is perhaps the most fear-inducing look for a villain of recent times and marks the return of the Bollywood baddie, a character which had become extinct post the 90s. The turn of the century was marked by more sophisticated and sauvé villains who didn't resort to cheap thrills (a la Mogambo in 'Mr India'), a far cry from the quintessential lecherous rogue who would take delight in mouthing quick one-liners and elaborate torture techniques. But then, without the triumph of good over evil, Bollywood was never the same.

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    Like the plot of most masala films, one thing which has remained constant throughout the years is the virtuous hero, who can never do any wrong. So, despite the changing character-graph of the antagonist, the show always belonged to the hero. Perhaps, this is why not many leading men

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  • "I love pushing boundaries," says Hrithik Roshan in an interview recently as he gears up for his next release 'Agneepath'. True to his word, the actor has painstakingly worked very hard on all his films, be it on his body or his look. Here's a look at the changing avatars of the star which also woved his fans and critics alike. 

    Kaho Na Pyaar Hai: The junior Roshan burst into the scene and into people's heart with Papa Roshan's blockbuster film who used a sure-shot route to success by giving his son a double role, complete with two different looks. While the first part of the film sees a famished and innocent-looking Hrithik who sings and dances while the second half sees a bulked-up and sauvé Hrithik bashing up the baddies.

    See: Hrithik’s bucket list

    Koi Mil Gaya: The film saw him playing a mentally-challenged young man in what was touted as Bollywood's first sci-fi. The actor played the zero to hero number with much élan, making it one of the biggest grossers of that year.


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  • The energy hunter

    Meeting the self-confessed romantic rebel, who lived life on his own terms left me charmed

    In May 2010, I woke up one morning to incessant calls from people inquiring about the loss of the yesteryear's superstar Dev Anand. Before, I could to get in touch with other journalists to confirm the news, a random publicist spammed our inboxes with, "The rumors have no truth in them," said the publicist and then added, "Dev Saab has been working nonstop on the background score of 'Chargesheet' and was actually watching television when these rumors broke out. I called him up late in the night at his Mumbai residence to check if everything was alright, and we ended up having a hearty laugh over it at 1.30 am. Right now, he's charged about 'Charge Sheet'. As I have known him, he possesses more energy than many of the young makers of today. Dev Anand, till date, is a man on a mission. The heavens can wait." I heaved a sigh of relief.

    Soon after the incident, I got a
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  • Akshay Kumar gets chatty about pole dancing in his latest film and why he is not making his directorial debut anytime soon

    Over the past few days, Akshay Kumar has been hopping from one promotional event to the other. Ask him if he believes that promoting a film can make or break a film, he quickly retorts, "I'd rather put my heart and soul into making a film, instead of wasting most of my year just promoting them," he says. In a free- wheeling chat, the Khiladi Kumar gets chatty about pole dancing in his latest film and why he is not making his directorial debut anytime soon.

    Excerpts from the interview:

    We have seen you playing such characters earlier. What made you take up 'Desi Boyz'?

    Actually you haven't. When you see the film, you will realise that it is actually a first of many scenes for me, but I'm keeping all that under wraps so that I can give my audience something unfamiliar to look forward to. Our director Rohit Dawan has made sure that only subtle humour was allowed
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  • Buried honour

    With another film on honour killings, it is evident that this is where first-time directors are looking to set shop. Read More

    Using cinema has a medium to sensitise the audience about social issues is nothing new but how one uses the medium sensibly is what makes or breaks a film. While studying at the hallowed halls of London Film School, Avantika Hari noticed the spate of honour killings for the first time. In an interview to the 'Guardian' in 2008, the director of the film had said that, "The fact I had never come across honour killings before I came to England - and I grew up in Dubai - is quite telling," she says.

    Avantika's film is not the first to explore the sensitive subject. Infamous for their ultra conservative outlook towards inter-caste marriages the khap panchayats have caught many directors' imagination and are finding their way on to the silver. Earlier this year, Ajai Sinha made another shoddy attempt to sensitize the audience with his film 'Khap'. The film conforms

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  • Dressing up the ‘Rockstar’

    In a free- wheeling chat, ace designer Aki Narula talks about sourcing second-hand clothes from various locations for Ranbir's look in 'Rockstar'

     Before commencing the shoot, director Imtiaz Ali was sure about one thing- that his rockstar will not wear tight tees and junk jewellery just to look cool. After much deliberation, Ali approached designer Aki Narula to design Ranbir's look and was surprised to get a call from him at 3am. "We met the next afternoon and the first thing I told him was, 'Your rockstar will wear mulmul and leather'," says the designer.

    From there on, getting Jordan's look together wasn't difficult for Narula. "I dressed the character in what he can afford. The clothes have to belong to the character and Janardhan is a Jat from North Delhi who can't afford designer clothes. So we got into his mind and gave him two pairs of jeans from Sarojini Nagar for Rs 250 each. He wears hand-knitted sweaters and shoes which are deliberately tighter, affecting his walk. I found

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