Dressing up the ‘Rockstar’

In a free- wheeling chat, ace designer Aki Narula talks about sourcing second-hand clothes from various locations for Ranbir's look in 'Rockstar'

 Before commencing the shoot, director Imtiaz Ali was sure about one thing- that his rockstar will not wear tight tees and junk jewellery just to look cool. After much deliberation, Ali approached designer Aki Narula to design Ranbir's look and was surprised to get a call from him at 3am. "We met the next afternoon and the first thing I told him was, 'Your rockstar will wear mulmul and leather'," says the designer.

From there on, getting Jordan's look together wasn't difficult for Narula. "I dressed the character in what he can afford. The clothes have to belong to the character and Janardhan is a Jat from North Delhi who can't afford designer clothes. So we got into his mind and gave him two pairs of jeans from Sarojini Nagar for Rs 250 each. He wears hand-knitted sweaters and shoes which are deliberately tighter, affecting his walk. I found his shoes in a street shop in Rohini, while I was travelling to a shoot," he says.

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As Ranbir's journey from Janardhan to Jordan evolves, his look also changes and sourcing second hand clothes took a year and half.  "Jordan's music is influenced by his life and it takes him from Mata ki Chowki to Kashmir, Prague, Dharamshala. And his clothes had to reflect the journey." Each look is a pre-cursor to the next chapter and he goes on to add little elements and mementoes on his guitar strap or his jacket. "Janardhan can't afford good clothes and Jordan doesn't care about what he wears. So we aged his clothes and rubbed in shoe-polish to make them look dirty." The leather jacket he wears in Prague is a second-hand jacket from a Salvation Army store. His saafa or the bandana is from the Dargah and later becomes his signature style. The harem-salwars are from some gypsies in Prague. "The little bead from his mother's mangalsutra, the red fabric from his first performance at Mata Ki Chowki, all added to his look," says Narula.

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But Narula admits that all this wouldn't have been possible without Ranbir's co-operation. "I have not seen anyone more dedicated than him. He grew his hair, wore tight clothes and even wore second hand clothes without complaining," he adds. Narula recalls how Ranbir wore cheap unwashed phirans without complaining. "We saw a man selling phirans on the street in Kashmir, so we bought him a new one and also took the one he was wearing. Ofcourse, we had to spray two cans of deodorant on it before Ranbir shot in it," laughs Narula.

Now the designer is busy scouting for costumes in Delhi for his next film 'Ladies Vs Ricky Behl' where he will dress up Ranvir Singh and Anushka Sharma. "I prefer sourcing according to the location. It is important to get into the character's mind." He concludes.

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