‘Recent crop not fit for action roles’

Says Ajay Devgn who feels that the young generation doesn't look sturdy enough to do action roles

Ajay Devgn is a busy man these days. Apart from promoting his film, the actor is in news over the tussle for screens with Yash Raj Films. His production house has taken the legal course to sort out the sharing of screens for 'Son of Sardar' which releases with 'Jab Tak Hai Jaan' this Diwali. "I wanted to sort this matter out with the production house without creating negative publicity for any one of us," he says about the issue. The actors mood lightens up when asked about his film and how it is different from the Telugu version. In a candid chat, the actor talks about getting the first promo right, the current crop of actors and why the '100 crore' mark doesn't bother him.

Excerpts from the interview:

Why didn't you speak about the Yash Raj Films issue earlier?
I am not a person who wants create controversy in the media. I wanted to sort this matter out with the production house without creating negative publicity for any one of us. I am not trying garner publicity just because my film is releasing nor am I trying to cut their market by increasing mine. What I am asking for is legitimate.

What made you take up the film? Have you watched the Telugu version?

I didn't watch the film though I had a vague idea about the plot of 'Maryada Ramanna'. I told Ashwini that the thought of the film was interesting and asked him to see the film. He watched the film and felt that it can be adapted well for Bollywood. He started working on the script and it turned out to be a completely different script though the thought was still the same. So it was my duty to buy the rights.

Bollywood has been adapting quite a lot from the South recently. Is it to play safe or is it lack of ideas?
We adapt from them and they adapt from us. This has been going on forever but it is coming to light because the media has become very active. Even our films like '3 Idiots' was remade in South. Even 'Phool and Kante' was remade.
Pics: From bikes to horses

Have your reached that point in your career where you realize that you have done almost every kind of role?
I am enjoying what I am doing right now. There can't be lot of different roles and only once in a while you will get a role which is completely different from anything you have done. For the other times, you have to make your roles different from what has already been done earlier and that is the most challenging part. If I do a 'Company' and then I hear the script of 'Once Upon a Time in Mumbai', both have me playing a don. So my challenge was how to make it completely different from each other.

After the success of 'Singham' and 'Bol Bachchan', has the pressure of crossing the 100 crore mark increased?
The pressure does increase but it is not about the 100 crores. The pressure is of doing better than the last film. You always want to do better than your last film.
Pics: Behind the scenes

As a actor what do you enjoy more- comedy or action?
As an actor, I enjoy acting. If I have done a lot of comedy, then I would want to  switch to something else so that I don't become repetitive and start getting bored of what I am doing. Once you are bored of your work, there is no point in working anymore.

You debuted with an action film but the recent trend shows the younger generation preferring to play safe with romance. Has Bollywood's perception changed?
Recent crop of actors don't look men physically. So which role suits whom is also the criteria here.

How important is it to get the first promo right? Does it make or break a film?
Getting the first promo right is the most important part of marketing. If the first impression is not good, no matter how overboard you go in promoting the film, it will not work.

How difficult was it to shoot the two-horse ride?
It was pretty much difficult. Standing on two bikes seemed easier than coordinating with two horses.  We needed a lot of practice and technical support. It took a whole day to shoot that sequence.

Being in the industry for so long, how has your learning curve evolved?
I can't pinpoint things I have learnt because every day you learn something or the other. You learn from your goof-ups, from other people's mistakes, your good work or bad work. It is applied automatically at the right time without you realizing where you have picked it up from. Though I have realized that whatever you do, if you are honest to yourself, you will get your due.

Are you averse to doing romantic roles?
No I am not but for a good romantic film, I need to have a great script .

Here's a look at all the action during the shoot: