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  • Review: 3

    Dhanush and Shruti in 3I am not a Tamil film buff but I wanted to watch '3', just to see if the film would live up to even half the hype that 'Kolaveri di' managed to create. That said I know that we should judge a film on its own merit and not on the basis of a fun (soup) song that went viral. Even on its own, it's very clear that Aishwarya had no idea whether she wanted to make a romantic film or a tragedy at the onset.

    The film's first half is an endearing love story, where teenagers Ram (Dhanush) and Janani (Shruti) fall in love with each other. It's actually amazing how convincing 28-year-old Dhanush is as a schoolboy. The love story holds the film together in the first half as their love blossoms and they decide to marry despite familial opposition. There's an element of suspense that underlines the first half when you realize that Ram is dead and Janani has no idea what happened.

    Video: NDTV

    However, the second half is a long drawn saga with no romance, no suspense, no redeeming element whatsoever. Read More »from Review: 3
  • 'I wish you were this large'
    Cast: Kunal Kemu, Amrita Puri

    Directed by Vishal Mahadkar

    Rating: 0.25 *

    Two images spring to mind looking at the above photograph: SRK and the movie ‘Titanic’. And while anyone who stretches his arms isn’t SRK, this film has a lot in common with a sinking ship. The title and the promos may suggest a crummy mix of ‘Wall Street’ and ‘Blood Diamond’ but it’s largely a snore fest often interrupted by a jolting background score. So let’s make this review a little less painful and attempt a graphic novel approach.

    Soul sisters?
    This annoyingly chirpy couple lands up in Cape Town, SA where the husband has nailed a top job with the prestigious Trinity Diamonds. For those can’t tell the husband from the wife in the above picture, Kunal (Kunal Khemu) is the one on the right along with his wife Arzoo (Amrita Puri). The two are densely in love and spend quality time narrating fairy tales to each other (Arzoo actually takes us through the unedited version of Hansel and Gretel!).

    If we can charter a flight, can’t we afford suits that fit us?
    Now for the ignorant, selling

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  • Agent Vinod in action'Agent Vinod' is not all bad, in fact it starts with a lot of promise but Sriram Raghavan's previous works had raised our expectations. For once, we prayed that this thriller will not just be style over substance but Raghavan disappoints. Raja Sen in his review says that the film is just not 'clever enough':

    If only Agent Vinod were a video game. It has all the hallmarks of a classic: from explosive wall-to-wall action to various levels of globetrotting mayhem, from challenging moments of hand-to-hand combat and clue-hunting to an eclectic slew of fascinating side characters, from a helluva background score to, quite vitally, the fact that it doesn't end where it should and instead keeps giving the protagonist more to do.

    Alas, 'Agent Vinod' is not a video game and a film demands a coherent narrative. Like Kaveree Bamzai points out, there are a lot of elements that work:

    Keeping a light tone is the toughest thing to do for a filmmaker. One wrong step and the laughs turn into sniggers.

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  • With ‘Agent Vinod’ managing to impress very few, we wonder if the genre has been jinxed. Find out

    There was a time when anything futuristic tickled the curious mind and offered a form and flesh to the unknown. And while the values of VFX have progressed by epic proportions, we still end up with duds like Agent Vinod, Players and Game. This brings us to question whether the concept of a thriller is to just look like one or is there a deeper reasoning to it? Lately, wearing fancy suits and skipping across the world trying to find clues to a global propaganda seems to be the ultimate recipe. Don’t believe us? Check out our reviews of the big-budget turkeys that have subscribed to this ultimate formula for failure in recent times.


    It's a Game!
    Each time Bollywood tries to ape the west, it twists its ankle and trips over a puddle of poop, face-first. And Game is such a poop-drenched, wannabe-whodunit thriller that on watching, you might want to find out who's done this movie, why and couldn't he just

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  • Game review

    It's a game!
    Cast: Abhishek Bachchan, Kangana Ranaut, Anupam Kher, Boman Irani, Jimmy Shergill

    Directed by Abhinay Deo

    Rating: 0.5 *

    Each time Bollywood tries to ape the west, it twists its ankle and trips over a puddle of poop, face-first. And Game is such a poop-drenched, wannabe-whodunit thriller that on watching, you might want to find out who's done this movie, why and couldn't he just light a bonfire with the disposable money used to produce it?

    The movie begins as billionaire Kabir Malhotra (Anupam Kher) invites an odd mix of people from across the globe to visit his personal Greek island of Samos for a chance to enrich their sorry lives. As the recipients scan their letters, the name Samos pops up often and can spark a sudden craving for the savoury snack (Samosa!). A tip: keep munchies accessible.

    Anyway, the lucky invitees include, drug-lord cum club-owner from Turkey, Neil Menon (Abhishek Bachchan), who's suited, booted, wears designer shades and beats people to pulp, usually when they

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  • Saif Ali Khan in Agent VinodIt amazes me how filmmakers think that stylized and slick production qualities give them the license to toss the script and logic out of the window. Big banner productions that go all out to publicize their films often turn out to be box office duds but Sriram Raghavan and Saif Ali Khan had successfully collaborated on 'Ek Hasina Thi' earlier. In fact the first 30-45 minutes looked really promising but post interval the film turns out to be a most tedious watch.

    The film is about a fearless RAW agent (Saif Ali Khan) who is investigating his colleague's (Ravi Kishen) death and stumbles upon a terror plot which will kill millions in India. While he's racing against time to find the bomb and the perpetrators of the crime, he comes across the mysterious Dr Ruby (Kareena Kapoor). Is Ruby a victim, a spy or is she working in connivance with the criminals?

    Saif gets the physique and the body language right but what about the script? Was it just narcissism, that the plot gets stretched beyond

    Read More »from Review: Agent Vinod
  • Saif in action
    Cast: Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Prem Chopra, Ram Kapoor, Gulshan Grover

    Directed by Sriram Raghavan

    Rating: *

    The best way to diffuse a bum is through butt crunches. Unless one is referring to the Hinglisized word for a bomb. And the much-awaited dhamaka that this thriller hoped to detonate at the box office might just be diffused once you read this review.  Despite miraculous leaps in production values, spy thrillers in Bollywood end up looking like Chinese equivalents of western products. And here, the characters are even stereotyped to the extent of detectives wearing trench coats and moles being obvious, shifty-eyed and literally uncomfortable in their own skin. So let’s just say foreign locales, weapons to annihilate the world, designer suits and not-so-excruciating interrogations don’t cumulatively justify ‘Agent Vinod’ as a thrilling movie-watching experience.

    RAW agent Vinod (Saif Ali Khan) divides his screen time between being questioned (when he is captured) and playing

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  • Decoding the choli, B'wood style

    With the help of the voyeuristic camera, the portrayal of this itsy bitsy piece of clothing has been often considered as a promise of unknown. Here's a look

    Bollywoods affair with the itsy bitsy choli is nothing new. This indigenous piece of clothing has captured the imagination of audience and has managed to put it on the fashion map. From knotty, crisscrossed to the halter and bikini style, the cholis have also evolved over time. As Kareena dons this popular garment in 'Dil Mera Muft Ka' from 'Agent Vinod', we bring you popular cholis that rocked Bollywood.

    Madhuri Dixit in 'Choli Ke Peeche':  Madhuri Dixit's sexy and provocative dance number 'Choli Ke Peeche Kya Hai' from the 1993 film 'Khalnayak' became one of the most famous music videos of all times. Thanks to the lyrics of the song and equally suggestive dance movements, Madhuri's choli became national controversy and the film garnered enough eye-balls to become a super-hit. The song became popular and was considered a

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  • 10 Sexy Scandals

    With starlet Nupur Mehta trapped in a match-fixing storm, here are 10 Bollywood babes who starred in national scandals

    1. Mandakini (1993)
    If there were a Nobel Prize for notoriety, Mandakini would have won it hands-down. Her entry with Ram Teri Ganga Maili made her a household name (she appeared in a diaphanous sari revealing her breasts). Then after a string of flops, she began to be seen in the company of a certain Mr. D (read Dawood Ibrahim), playing arm candy to him at matches in Sharjah, weird stuff like that. Then post the Mumbai bomb blasts of 1993, Mandakini literally vanished once Dawood Ibrahim was cited as the culprit behind the carnage. An entire generation is obsessed with the idea of her being Dawood Ibrahim's mistress, that the don himself had sired a son thanks to her. Today, Mandakini, leads a very different life. She is married to a descendent of the Dalai Lama called Dr Kagyur T Rinpoche Thakur. He gives yoga classes under the name of R. Thakur in a neighbourhood Read More »from 10 Sexy Scandals
  • Vidya in KahaaniA lot of us might have completely written off Sujoy Ghosh after box office disasters like 'Home Delivery' and 'Aladin' but he has managed to score big with 'Kahaani'. Ghosh manages to weave a compelling, well-nuanced tale that skillfully transforms from a drama to a gripping suspense thriller.

    Gaurav Malani in his review says the narrative is the star of the film:

    Kahaani rightly lives up to its name and reinstates the fact that the core criterion for a decent film is a strong story. And if that story is in competent hands, you don't need anything else. No big stars, songs, budget or even a customary male lead. For a (pleasant) change, the script is indeed the hero here!

    What's interesting about 'Kahaani' is that different elements work for different people. Kaveree Bamzai in her review says:

    Kolkata is the star of the film. Kolkata early morning, with people drinking tea, brushing their teeth, waking up from the pavement. Kolkata going home, on the tram, with the obligatory call from

    Read More »from Y! Meta Review: Kahaani


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