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  • Bengali filmA little independent Bengali film is creating a lot of buzz - five sold-out screenings at the 61st Berlinale in February this year, a successful screening at the Slamdance festival in Utah before that and the director has been invited to more than 30 international film festivals.

    The subject is compelling- a story of petty crime, angry rap music and explicit sex and a film that has prolonged sex scenes and full-frontal nudity. Even the name of the director is intriguing, 'Q' - the director has adopted this letter as his identity.

    Q explains, " the film was born from a sense of despair. It arrived in the form of words, out of anger, and a sense of desperation and hopelessness. That is exactly how one feels if the desire is to tell stories, unhinged and unashamed, for that's how stories should be told."

    The complete article further states, "So he felt that the story of "Gandu," inspired and informed by real events and real characters, lent itself to a visual and aural experience that

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  • Review: Thank You

    Thank You

    Anees Bazmee's 'Thank You' is very similar to his film 'No Entry' (2005); it's all about cheating husbands and trusting wives and how to reform the infidels. The premise and the treatment is almost the same which makes you wonder why Bazmee wants to re-tell an old story with some cosmetic changes.

    It's been five years since his previous work on infidelity and nothing has changed in the interim; husbands manage to fool unsuspecting wives and the hapless spouse can do nothing except cry over their fates or commit suicide. The other option is the one that these women opt for- they hire a detective/friend/well-wisher who vows to reform the erring husbands.

    The premise- Raj (Bobby Deol), Vikram (Irrfan Khan) and Yogi (Suneil Shetty) have beautiful, loving wives but are always looking for casual sex outside their marriage. Sonam (Bobby's wife) has blind trust in her husband and readily falls for every blatant cover-up. Enter Kishen (Akshay Kumar) who lays traps and counter-traps to first

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  • Movie: Thank You

    Bollywood's warped take on adultery dictates that every husband's chief passion after cricket and before pissed-drunk-dancing is cheating on their wives. And husbands will cheat, regardless of whether or not their wives are naggers, nosey, indifferent or caring. Why? Because from 'Biwi No 1' to 'No Entry' this genre has broken every box office record, that's why! And Anees Bazmee's 'Thank You' is yet another to further engrave the above point.

    If you've clicked on the promo at the end of this page, you know this film is about three cheating husbands, Raj (Bobby Deol), Yogi (Suniel Shetty) and Vikram (Irrfan Khan). What you don't know is that they're involved in the business of luxury yachts in Canada and can afford fancy sports cars and mansions. But professions in films are as detailed as the makeup man's dialogues in the film, so the unfounded affluence is only fair.

    Anyway, getting to the cheating part. Being Bollywood heroes, even cheating has to involve singing, dancing and

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  • Who is the hottest item girl?Item numbers were once only for vamps or the villain's arm-candy but no more. Bollywood's top actors are now ready to sizzle and make their mark as the 'hottest' item girl. Check out our top picks:

    Aishwarya's dance moves have always been talked about but her 'Kajra re' item number with Big B and Abhishek had the nation grooving along.

    Bipasha's dance numbers in 'Omkara' had the country dancing to her moves and her role as the sizzling village belle was much appreciated.

    Three years after her superhit item number 'Honth Rasile' in 'Welcome', Malaika Arora put on her dancing shoes for husband Arbaaz Khan's debut production 'Dabangg'. Not only was the song a superhit, it also entered the Guinness Book of World Record in Melbourne.

    Katrina's 'Sheila' was pitched against Malaika's 'Munni' and while the debate is still on about which one is the better song, Kat surely did scorch onscreen in this one.

    After her sultry moves in 'Maiya maiya', Mallika's 'Razia' was supposed to challenge

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  • Take Me Home Tonight

    2011 has been a disappointing year so far for Hollywood with box office duds like "Red Riding Hood" and "From Prada to Nada". Yet, there's much to be anticipative of. Here are a few movies you'd surely want to wait for.


    Beginners is a beautifully quirky film about how a man handles a bundle of shocking news (his elderly father announces that he has terminal cancer and that he's gay) while he tries to clutch on to a relationship. Evan McGreggor stars as the lead in this delightful journey about understanding, accepting and appreciating life.

    Henry's Crime

    If you've watched "Double Jeopardy", you know the US law, also applicable in India that forbids a person from being convicted of the same offense again. This loophole in the legal system is used by ex-con Henry (Keanu Reeves) in planning to rob the same bank he has falsely been convicted of robbing. Pickled along with this, is Henry's love story with a cynical woman called Julie (Vera Farmiga) who eventually becomes his

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  • Why every Bollywood hero wants to save the day?

    Salman Khan in Bodyguard and Nana Patekar in Shagird

    A lot of noise surrounded Salman Khan refusing 6 crores from a security agency to wrap himself in his own security guard's uniform in his latest, "Bodyguard".  Then we heard that Nana Patekar will soon appear in his favourite (and most tried and tested) avatar in the movie, "Shagird"- an unconventional cop who gets mashed amidst the nexus of politicians and gangsters (Ab Tak Pachpan?).

    But the underlying message that we read here is that our macho-men of Bollywood love exercising their testosterone on vigilante roles. Policing law-breakers and throwing punches at baddies not only puts them on a pedestal but also carves a much amiable image among their fans. Something that can hardly be achieved by playing the mushy boy-next-door, romancing atop Swiss Alps in designer sweaters. But what about the fearless action hero is so appealing that every actor can't wait to strap a cape around their neck? Let's draw up a list of possible merits of playing a numero uno crime-buster.

    1. You get a

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  • Remember how many hearts went dhak dhak for Madhuri's wide-eyed innocent response to Neena Gupta's wildly suggestive 'Choli ke peeche kya hain?' in Subhash Ghai's Khal Nayak that kind of deified Sanjay Dutt's wildchild ways? If there was one woman who knew all about the business behind the blouse, it was Madhuri Dixit, the then reigning queen of Bollywood, who'd left contemporaries Sridevi and Juhi Chawla far, far behind in the desirable-desi-belle stakes. If it wasn't wooing men on the wrong side of the law with demureness-despite-threadbare-cholies, it was getting men with no knowledge of the birds and the bees up to amorous speed on what we're really here on earth for.  Psst. Juhi and Sridevi didn't stand a chance.

    Madhuri's blouse-clutching insistence that it was only a living, four-chambered heart that beat a steady rhythm for her man from behind the sequins and sewed-on mirrors on her blouse left many young men (in the throes of adolescence and far, far beyond) curling their

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  • Skyline review

    Skyline is a film of many firsts. The first alien movie to induce humour (unintentionally). The first time 95 % of the cast actually got a role in a 'real' production. The first time aliens who couldn't be tamed by nuclear missiles are forced to succumb to punches (the lead actor is actually seen throwing fists at one ET, 25 times his size in one scene). And hopefully the last time the talented VFX experts Brothers Strause (that's how Greg and Colin Strause are referred to) occupy the director's chair.

    The film's plot is like a dozen other alien movies produced every year in Hollywood. Most of them only manage a DVD release. The basic premise is: aliens decide to invade earth, giant spaceships that resemble floating garbage dumps (emitting blue lazer lights) descend on Los Angeles to cause mayhem. This is when our instinctively-challenged cast decides that the safest place to take cover is by heading out on the streets (what is the collective IQ of the scriptwriters?). The lead cast

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  • Red Riding Hood review

    As the title suggests, this is a take on the almost forgotten fairytale, 'The Red Riding Hood'. And once you watch this movie, it will scar your childhood memory of the original forever. And it's also foolishly apparent that this is director Catherine Hardwicke's very next after 'Twilight'. Werewolf there and here. Bad actors there, worse here. Regardless, this is how the film rolls...

    Welcome to Wolfville. It's a very cold place (literally and metaphorically) where people dress like extras from a Robin Hood play and spend their entire lives fearing a certain werewolf. But for good reason, as intermittently through the film, village folk are brutally skinned by the furry beast. Gongs are hammered to announce that the wolf has claimed another victim. But the high fatality rate makes it a casual affair, so people gather about, make apologetic faces for a while and the body is carted away (where are all these bodies going?).

    Swimming amidst this chaos, is the love story of our beloved

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  • Kareena’s Wardrobe Malfunction- Worth a Story?

    kareena_1908_600x335kareena_1908_600x335A slideshow on Kareena's wardrobe malfunction (if you can really call it that) — is it actually worth a news story? Given that it's a Bollywood scoop, it's trivialization like this that gives journalism a bad name.

    Since the twenty-hour news channels became the primary source of news propagation, it has been at the receiving end of a lot of criticism. When Peepli [Live] took potshots at the media, everyone including journalists nodded in unison. Some in the media also said that Peepli left them feeling exposed and vulnerable.

    While I too had a hearty laugh watching Kumar Deepak's live reporting on the big screen, at the risk of being called the devil's advocate, I do feel that the media gets a raw deal very often. Whether it is sting operations on corrupt politicians or riot reportage, journalists are blamed for being insensitive, even provocative. Like Rajdeep Sardesai once said, "Bottom line: if you can't shoot the message, at least make sure you shoot the messenger."

    Media activism

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