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  • Cast: Varun Dhawan,Ileana D’Cruz, Nargis Fakhri, Arunoday Singh, Rajpal Yadav, Anupam Kher

    Direction: David Dhawan

    Rating: ***

    If you have to make slapstick comedy, do it like David Dhawan. ‘MainTera Hero’ has the right dose of mad humour, well choreographed fight sequences, some peppy dance numbers, an ogle-worthy hero and two well-sculpted heroines.

    David Dhawan’s comedies usually boast of a multi-star cast but for ‘Main TeraHero’, Varun Dhawan provides the perfect blend of Salman-tricks and Govinda-esque school of humour. He has an inherent stupid look on his face and it seems to go so well with his character, Sreenath Prasad in this film. While he seems to struggle a bit with the comic timing, he manages to charm his way through the film. The close-up shots of his six-pack abs and the ease with which he performs the action and dance sequences are definitely whistle-worthy.

    This is the kind of comedy that a Sajid Khan or more recently an Indra Kumar (of ‘Grand Masti’ fame) aspires to

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  • Do you have five minutes and four seconds to spare? If you do we are going to give you one of the best recap of how Bollywood music has evolved in the last 65 years.

    This mash up created by Penn Masala – is going viral on the internet.  Penn Masala has released nine albums till date and you can find all you want to know about them here.

    So, for now, just sit back, relax and take a stroll down the memory lane. The Evolution of Bollywood Music according to Penn Masala. The thought, the idea, the song selections are just perfect - however I wish I could say that about the way the group sang. But then, all it takes is just a little over 5 minutes. And we should respect the idea.

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  • Two minutes is all it takes to scare the living daylights out of you. Do not trust us? Watch this video which has gone viral on Twitter.

    This two minute movie is called ‘Lights Out’ and is directed by short film maker David F Sandberg. And it walked away with the Best Director award in the Who is There Film challenge.

    It starts off with actress Lotta Losten flicking off the lights in her hallway and seeing a silhouette.

    Here is a look at the type of responses it has been getting on Twitter.


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    Cast: Sunny Leone,Parvin Dabbas, Sandhya Mridul, Divya Dutt

    Direction: Bhushan Patel

    Rating: ½

    The makers of this film would have you believe that ‘Ragini MMS 2’ belongs to the new “horrex” genre – horror + sex. Be not confused, this film is simply the mainstreaming of porn in Hindi cinema. There is enough opportunity for cheap titillation.

    The film is replete with sexual innuendos and the director makes sure that Sunny Leone gets to brandish her craft with flair. Therefore, the plot completely focuses on getting Leone to shed her inhibitions and indulge in real or imaginary intimate scenes with almost every man of the cast. The brief seems to be very clear, if you have a porn star on the house, then we must have enough scenes of her either topless or walking around skimpily clad in clothes that look straight out of a Victoria Secret catalogue. Is that consequential to the story? May be not but who cares? The storytellers most definitely don’t.

    If you really care about the story, the

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  • Cast: AyushmannKhurrana, Sonam Kapoor, Rishi Kapoor

    Direction: NupurAsthana

    Rating: **

    ‘Bewakoofiyaan’ reeks of confused storytelling. The filmmakers seem to have lost the plot somewhere during the making of the film – Is the focus on recession and the impact it has on a nascent romantic relationship? Or is this just another love story that has its share of upheavals?

    Mohit Chaddha (Ayushmann Khurrana) is a marketing whiz in a stable relationship with Mayera Sehgal (Sonam Kapoor), a financial genius. The next imminent thing to do for this young couple is to get married and they need Mayera’s bureaucratic father, V K Sehgal’s (Rishi Kapoor) permission for that. Just when Mohit is trying to make a good impression, he loses his job, which would possibly further jeopardize his equation with his would-be father-in-law.

    Mohit Chaddha is a decent guy – in fact, quite an indulgent boyfriend. He is ready to apologise every time he snaps at his girlfriend, he realizes that his frustration is

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  • Randeep Hooda with his 'Highway' co-star Alia Bhatt

    Randeep Hooda is riding high on the phenomenal success of Imtiaz Ali’s ‘Highway’. Critics have unanimously lauded his performance as the Haryanvi truck driver, Mahabir Bhati. Hooda hasn’t had a steady career graph but he has managed to find interesting roles every now and then. Clad in blue jeans and a grey ‘Highway’ jacket, Hooda exudes raw charisma. In a small room in Mehboob Studios we settle down for a quick chat.

    Excerpts from the interview:

    In the past few years, you have managed to do varied roles. How have you managed to stay away from being typecast?

    I do a ‘Bombay Talkies’ in between all these macho gunslingers that I am playing and I will do something else in between. Wherever I am at in my career and I am not doing the conventional things like dancing and all that, I have to keep picking things and leaving things, the ability to say ‘no’ to the same role that is coming to me again in a bigger production also.

    The ability to pick and leave roles, which keep the filmmakers

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  • Cast: Madhuri Dixit Nene, Juhi Chawla Mehta, Tannishtha Chatterjee, Priyanka Bose, Divya Jagdale

    Direction: Soumik Sen

    The biggest feat that Soumik Sen has accomplished with ‘Gulaab Gang’ is that he managed to cast once arch rivals, Madhuri Dixit-Nene and Juhi Chawla-Mehta as the hero and villain in his film, the rest is just backdrop.

    Baradwaj Rangan
    says in his review, that he was expecting a “fiery feminist drama” but what he watched instead was a “Tamil/Telugu mass-hero masala movie – only, with women.” He explains:

    As with the heroes in those films, we are teased with flashes of the heroine’s (Madhuri Dixit-Nene, playing Rajjo) presence before finally getting to the scene that reveals her face. We get the moment where she issues a challenge to the villain and walks away in slow motion. (It’s a villainess, really, a scheming politician named Sumitra, and played by Juhi Chawla. We get a glimpse of her feet first, which is only right given that that’s where she wants the men around

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  • Cast: Kangana Ranaut, Rajkummar Rao, Lisa Haydon

    Direction: Vikas Bahl

    Rating: ****

    The best thing about ‘Queen’ is that Vikas Bahl has crafted memorable characters that don’t conform to Bollywood stereotypes. The story weaved around these characters stays always relatable, luring you into Rani’s (KanganaRanaut) world fuelling your wanderlust.

    Yes, weddings are the most overused canvas in contemporary Hindi films but there is a touch of relatability in this one. This wedding is chaotic unlike our typically glossy Bollywood weddings and you spot a touch of authenticity when you see our winter bride wearing a slightly oversized sweater over her sequined dress for the mehendi ceremony. When ‘London Thumakda’ plays out on the big screen, you do feel like joining the fat aunties and doing your own little jig with them.   

    The promos did prepare us for it but when Rani is dumped at the altar, your heart goes out to her character. You can see the initial shock register on her face and as the truth

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  • Vikas Bahl with Kangana

    It’s a busy Mumbai evening but it is very quiet when I walk into the premises of Phantom, the distribution company run by Anurag Kashyap to interview Vikas Bahl, co-director of the National Award-winning ‘Chillar Party’.

    Bahl has much going on -- his team is busy promoting the forthcoming Kangana Ranaut-starrer ‘Queen’, even as Bahl, dressed casually in blue jeans and grey shirt, juggles details of another event. The phone is rarely out of his hand; in between calls, he offers me steaming tea and we settle down for a chat.

    Excerpts from the interview:

    The promos of ‘Queen’ seem to have an instant connect with the audience. How did you manage that?

    I think it is very relatable. It’s relatable yet funny, that combination is what makes it interesting. You can immediately see that you can connect with the girl and then you connect with the way she talks and then you connect with the humour that’s in it. So it seems like it’s straight out of your life, which I think works.

    Bollywood brides

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  • Cast: Farhan Akhtar, Vidya Balan, Ram Kapoor, Vir Das, Purab Kohli

    Direction: Saket Chaudhury

    Rating: ***

    Saket Chaudhury’s ‘Shaadi Ke Side Effects’ is a classic example of a director approaching a topic that he is quite obviously not convinced about. The narrative is peppered with genuine humour but the plot baffles you with the many theories it throws up and immediately debunks.

    Gender roles are being redefined daily, and contemporary marriages are complex entities. Throw into it a metrosexual male, who is not the traditional MCP husband but one who wants to make an honest attempt at becoming a good father. Instead of making an example out of a man who is trying so hard, the director makes him apologise for the lifestyle choices he makes, which is merely to also seek private space in a marriage.

    We are handed this ridiculous notion that pursuing your own passion/hobby/alone-time is tantamount to adultery. Unless your marriage is this all-consuming entity where every bit of your time is

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