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  • 100 Years of Indian Cinema: Looking Ahead

    Abhishek Kapoor“There’s nothing more powerful than Zero to elevate – or, reduce you to it”

    In India, cinema is a celebration.  Befitting enough, the centenary of Indian Cinema calls for one.  Packed with music, colours, ever-reinventing takes on our epics, modern-day avatars of Rama and Krishna..

    We celebrate the past with hopes for a better future.  Time then for Introspection to clarify vision. The journey from Years 0 - 100 has got us to this point; where does it travel to from here?

    The answer is simple: wherever we take it

    The believer in me hopes for a Renaissance movement and for Institutionalization in the craft & trade of cinema. But, silver linings tend to be bed-mates with dark clouds.  The pragmatist in me whispers slyly: is my wish-list just wishful thinking?

    Is Bollywood really a Kings Speech industry living in a Social Network world, struggling to change its DNA? Unsurprisingly, it is so.

    Two negatives making for a positive only in the world of maths (& nowhere else)

    Behind every

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