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  • The Big Fat Indian Wedding

    Bollywood has become a cultural industry that is being actively projected as the "New India". A very significant influence that Bollywood has had is the commodification or the "Bollywoodization of the Indian wedding."

    Gone are the days when ostentatious weddings were considered an embarrassment in a country where a huge section of the population was struggling for a meal a day. Weddings these days are marked by excessive expenditure and the new wedding industry has emerged complete with wedding planners who create the perfect "mise-en-scene", organize designer wardrobes, arrange for choreographed dancers and manage the wedding like a high-profile media event.

    Planning a wedding and planners who make this possible are part of the booming wedding industry. It is not merely about decorating the mandap anymore, it is whether you prefer a palace wedding to a beach wedding or would you rather head to the mountains to exchange the sacred vows. If you prefer a beach wedding, then would you

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  • Are You Ready to Have a Baby?

    If you are a year or so into your marriage, chances are that everyone is asking you, "So when are you giving us the good news?". Suddenly a decision as personal as having a child becomes everyone's concern. So much so, you might wonder how your child-bearing capabilities contribute to your mom's neighbour's happiness (you probably bump into her once a year).

    A friend of mine has been married for a while; since the couple was studying for the first two years of their married life, they decided to hold off on the planning-a-child decision. It's hardly been a year since the both of them have kind of settled into their respective jobs. The day they decided to get a car, 'well-wishers' felt it was also the right time for them to start a family. If only having a child was as simple as buying a car.

    When do we really know that it's time to plan for a baby? Here are some considerations that need to be made before you decide to become parents.

    Mentally prepared? A child is a big

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