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  • 5 Movies That Will Make You Cry

    I don't know about you, but I am a huge "sobber" at the movies. So much so that, because I feel so embarrassed by my (spontaneous) behaviour, if I get an inkling that a particular movie is going to be teary, I altogether skip watching the movie in a public place.

    Check out this other self-confessed "cryer" and her story: Confession Corner: Crying at the Movies

    Okay, so we have established the fact that I am an accomplished weeper. Give me anything; a happy ending, a sad ending, a good book, God's beautiful world, a hug from dad, or even a rainy day; all these could make tears well up in the corner of my eyes. The funny thing is I know some people who weep at the movies, but are rather stoic once they emerge out of the theatre and into their daily lives. Wonder why that happens?

    While doing a bit of reading for this post, I came across this column about why people cry at the movies. The author mentions three reasons why people who are seemingly emotionless suddenly become crybabies

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  • 10 Favourite Movie Lines


    A couple of evenings back, I sat in my living room on a dull Bangalore evening flipping channels, when I noticed 'As Good As It Gets' had just started on HBO (or Star Movies, I can't recall).

    Knowing it to be a classic romantic drama, I stayed put. Eventually, I got to the scene where Melvin Udall, the cranky, tough-to-have-a-decent-conversation-with writer finally goes out to dinner with Carol Connelly, and when she forces him to give her a compliment, he manages to say, "You make me want to be a better man".

    And suddenly I remembered this to be one of the most-loved movie lines ever! Bang! There was a flourish of lines that came into my head; from some of the favourite movies I have watched over the years.

    I have got a lot of complaints that I don't mention instances from Bollywood flicks; so I just wanted to reiterate, I love Bollywood, and this post will be a chance for some respite.

    So here are some of my favourite movie one-liners ever.

    "May the force be with you"

    Who can forget

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