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  • 'Bollywood has wonderful actors'

    Mohanlal may be the Amitabh Bachchan of the south, but his presence in Hindi films has been limited. And even though his iconic role as the police commissioner in ‘Company’ will be remembered by many, in the national media he would still be that Malayalam actor who had a flash in the pan brush with Bollywood.

    At the end of the day, though, how many Indian actors can boast of being SRK's guide to Kerala or having performed an action sequence with Jackie Chan? And that makes us wonder how the south Indian film industry co-exists as a parallel universe, and how a superstar down south can roam about freely in the streets of Mumbai without being stormed by fans. Kunal Guha caught up with the National-Award-winning actor when he was in Mumbai to talk about his small but crucial cameo in Priyadarshan's action thriller ‘Tezz’.

    With limited knowledge of his Malayalam legacy, the only visual I could conjure up on meeting the superstar, clad in a simple checked shirt, was that of a police

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  • Doodling Abhay and Emraan for ‘Shanghai’

    Doodling Abhay and Emraan for ‘Shanghai’
    These sketches are Dibakar’s vision for the characters played by Abhay and Emraan in ‘Shanghai

    Abhay Deol and Emraan Hashmi have gone through a complete metamorphosis in Dibakar Banerjee’s Shanghai.  So much that both Abhay and Emraan are almost unrecognizable in the roles.  Those who have seen them on the sets have not been able to recognize them in their get up. 

    Writer-director Dibakar Banerjee too admits that when he was writing the script of ‘Shanghai’, that it was none other than Abhay Deol that came to his imagination for Krishnan’s character.  He couldn’t imagine anyone else.  Then when he started writing Jogi’s sketch he remembered Emraan Hashmi from ‘Footpath’ (2003). “I had recognized his talents in the film. He was completely approachable and capable of living his character on screen,” says Dibakar.  But now that Emraan was a star Dibakar had his own inhibitions about Emraan agreeing to do a role that was so different. “Fortunately it took just five minutes for Emraan to

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  • Kamlu appeals to the adult in all children

    Director Govind Nihalani talks about 'Kamlu'

    Talking about his latest film ‘Kamlu’, Govind Nihalani takes us through the joys and thrills of animation

    Why the drastic move from cinema that offers a social message to ‘Kamlu’?
    Unfortunately, the answer to that is not very profound. I just love animation immensely as a medium. I have been fond of graphic novels, comics, Japanese Manga for a long time. My interest in animation began with my association with Ram Mohan who is the face of Indian animation. My association with him led to a desire to make a feature film. But 2D animation was very expensive a decade ago. Then, the distributers didn’t know that animation can work in India. Then ‘Bal Hanuman’ was released and it was a huge success and distributors got some faith in the medium. What happened simultaneously was that CGI made big advances and it came to India and a lot of CGI work got outsourced to India as well. So I thought it was the opportune moment to try something in this medium.

    What was core idea for Kamlu and how have

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  • Dangerous Ishhq 3D trailer

    Why did Salman play Karisma's bodyguard?

    Did you know that Karisma's grandfather Raj Kapoor was biased towards her? Here's why

    Forgotten Karisma Kapoor? Here's one of her super-hit comedies, 'Andaz Apna Apna'. Have a dekko

    While Karisma was trying her hand at past life regression, her sister Kareena was busy donning her heroine avatar. Here are some pictures of her new look

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  • Kareena dolls up for a shoot: Making video

    Check out the making of Kareena’s latest commercial shot in Thailand where she dazzles one and all

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