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  • ‘To communicate with Spielberg is critical’

    Horse trainer who worked with Spielberg on ‘War Horse’ talks about the joys and challenges

    Bobby Lovgren (Horse Trainer) was born in South Africa into an equestrian family. He grew up surrounded by horses and developed the confidence and skills necessary to become both an accomplished rider and trainer. After spending five years as a stable manager at Brentwood Park Stables, the largest jumping and eventing stable in South Africa, Lovgren moved to Los Angeles, where he learned to handle and train horses for films under established horse trainers like Corky Randall and his father Glenn Randall Sr.

    Among Lovgren’s many credits as a horse trainer are ‘The Mask of Zorro’, ‘Seabiscuit’, ‘The Legend of Zorro’, ‘Racing Stripes’ (as zebra trainer too), ‘The Voyage of the Unicorn’, ‘Running Free’, ‘Did You Hear About the Morgans?’ and ‘Unstoppable’. Most recently, Lovgren was the horse trainer on Walt Disney Pictures ‘John Carter’ releasing in March 2012, and director Tarsem Singh’s ‘Snow White’,

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  • Saif brands ‘The Golden Farah’

    The ‘Agent Vinod’ Morocco shoot helped brand a new tourist attraction while the crew got terribly seasick

    The upcoming action thriller ‘Agent Vinod’ starring Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor created quite a stir while shooting in Morocco. Apart from getting locals and tourists flocking about for hours to check out the shoots, they even managed to brand their shooting location. ‘The team of Agent Vinod shot for five days at a spot centrally located in the market place of Morocco referred to as ‘The Golden Farah’ in the film. The spot has become so popular that now tourists who plan to explore the place by taxis from anywhere in Tangier are sure to be driven to “The Golden Farah” which is how the place is now referred to by all,’ says a production source.

    While the film’s contribution to Morocco tourism cannot be measured yet, the crew's personal experience in their Moroccan adventure was, well, a bit more adventurous than they planned it to be. In fact, the very first day of their shoot

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  • V-Day special: Bollywood teaches you how to flirt

    Single on V-day? Worry not. Let our Bollywood heroes teach you just how to floor your lady love. Go for it

    A girl is walking down a lonely street. She is soon being tailed by an eclectic mix of baddies, who could be part-time chaiwallahs but are surely full-time professional extras. Quick cuts of her feet picking up some pace and their boots thumping away purposefully. They finally grab her and she squeals enthusiastically and before you know it, another person who was trailing her path is there to her rescue. Dhishoom! Dhishoom! The baddies are on the floor and the girl is in his arms and the audience is charmed. We can hop over to the Swiss Alps for a song now. This and many others qualify as Bollywood’s fundas for patao-ing the girl of your dreams. So here are a few that we are cherry-picking for you this Valentine ’s Day.

    Domesticated and devoted

    Nothing screams one-woman man more than someone who comes across as a mumma’s boy. Now, you may argue that no self-respecting man would

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  • How to survive a B’wood party, unharmed

    With the recent maar-dhaad at success parties, B’wood is getting progressively rowdy. Here’s an etiquette check

    As Shirish Kunder soothes his cheeks after the Baadshah of Bollywood, SRK, hammered a thundering blow on it at a recent party, Bollywood bashes seem to be getting more literal than anything else. And under the glitter and botox-ed glow, lies a dark and desperate rage only waiting to explode at the slightest flick. So here we are, reduced to compiling a list of appropriate filmy etiquette that stars could subscribe to. Following this will ensure you’re seen at the right places, not thrown out, clobbered shapeless, and hopefully invited again.

    Dress like you’re invited

    I looked so cute in this sweater as a kid

    Just like while travelling by air, your appearance can get you upgraded in Bollywood parties too. It’s more important to look the part, even if you don’t suit it. This is partly because the film industry is shamelessly lookist and dangerously fickle. So one appearance in an undersized red sweater can alter your

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  • Amy deewana about animals

    Amy Jackson refused to shoot on a chariot for ‘Ek Deewana Tha’ as she loves animals passionately

    Amy and Prateik were promoting their film ‘Ek Deewana Tha’ for which they were required to shoot on a chariot. The entire cast and crews was ready for the shoot and were waiting for Amy to arrive. When she did arrive, she bluntly refused to shoot on a chariot as she is very passionate about animals and being an animal lover, she finds it unethical to ride on them.

    Prateik supported Amy's decision and then came up with a romantic alternative. The two of them decided to go for a boat ride and as the weather was comfortingly pleasant, it only made the ride even more enjoyable. So the lead duo ended up promoting their film in the middle of the sea on a boat.

    Apart from enjoying the boat ride, the two admitted to have got a break from work and even got to share some quality time together. Now that they’ve got a ticket to ride, let’s hope this film gives these young love buds a ticket to stardom as

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