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  • Tezz review

    Give it to me, baby!
    Cast: Ajay Devgn, Anil Kapoor, Kangna Ranaut, Sameera Reddy, Zayed Khan, Mohanlal

    Directed by Priyadarshan

    Rating: ½ *

    Hollywood has made hay when Bruce Willis and Keanu Reeves would sweat blood and single-handedly disarm an explosion that could put innocent many to sleep forever. But this late 80s formula has expired its warrantee a decade ago. So you wonder who to blame for this slick but shallow tribute to the has-beens of thrilling cinema? DVD-wallas who still stock the many sequels of Speed, Die-Hard, Die-Soft and every other film in between are singularly responsible for this epic fail at bomb diffusion by Priyadarshan.

    An illegal immigrant is being deported to India after being severely severed. His wife screams and struggles and hams but to no avail. He is none other than immigrant-turned-terrorist Aakash Rehna (Ajay Devgn) who is soon spotted buying explosives along with his side-villain and cautiously confused aide Aadil (Zayed Khan). But we’re in London, where law enforcement

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  • ‘We get off on winning over a vision’

    Dibakar Banerjee's next: 'Shanghai'

    Director Dibakar Banerjee tells us about his highs and lows while making ‘Shanghai’. Read about his journey

    Following films like ‘Oye Lucky Lucky Oye’, ‘Love, Sex and Dhoka’ and ‘Khosla Ka Ghosla’, Dibakar Banerjee is now ready to explore the filth that is carefully tucked inside the small towns of India. Here- among other things, he tries to explore the desperate rush that small towns and cities have in become the next ‘Shanghai’- which represents a megacity. In a candid chat with Kunal Guha, Dibakar tells us about his journey and what kept him going through the many obstacles he faced in completing this project. Since Dibakar has been busy adding the final flourishes to 'Shanghai', he chose to meet this reporter at a sound editing studio, where he was meticulously revising the sound effects that amplified a certain scene in the movie. The protocol to be followed: Dibakar would have his eyes glued and ears pealed to the screen as a scene would be played out. Once he had examined it

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  • This is my last fight: Prosenjit

    The Bengali superstar says that he’s ready to pass the baton to the new breed of actors post ‘Shanghai’

    Prosenjit is the undisputed superstar of Bengali cinema. After almost three decades of playing the lead in commercial as well as art house Bengali films, he has today reached a point where he wants to shed his superstar image to attempt roles that challenge him. Why, you ask? Simply since he seeks something would give him the drive and satisfaction that he can’t find in his comfort zone. Making a cameo in Dibakar Banerjee’s ‘Shanghai’ seems to fall in line with this. Seated in a cozy meeting room at the office of PVR Pictures, he tells Kunal Guha about the highs and lows of being a superstar and how he wants to set an example for the new breed of actors who he agrees are ready to take over from him. When this reporter went to interview Prosenjit, he looked smug and relaxed and his crease-less face spoke little of the number of interviews he had braved through the day. He took a

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  • Vicky Donor review

    A still from Vicky Donor
    Cast: Ayushman Khurana, Yami Gautam, Anu Kapoor

    Directed by Shoojit Sircar

    Rating: ***

    Movies that try to cleanse socially disreputable professions tend to get preachy and subsequently boring. But donating one’s seed to enable the seedless garden a happy family is a cause that cannot be covered in a classroom. So director Shoojit Sircar takes us to downtown old Delhi where we breeze through this hilarious adventure that ends in just 122 minutes, leaving you craving for more. While the very mention of sperm donation makes many cringe, this film manages to make the noble deed seem respectable without compromising on the hilarity that one associates with the process of donation. 

    We open to a good ol’ Punjabi family who are as loud as they are adorable. The donor in the title is Vicky (Ayushman Khurana), a Punjabi munda who is yet to find his calling and is housed along with his perennially fretting mother and his grandmum who is only referred to as ‘biji’ (and who is too

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  • ‘Erotica is a state of mind’

    'Hate Story'

    The Bhatt’s have had a singularly intimate relationship with the genre of explicit films. Having explored every vertical within the category from pornos shot with hidden cameras to adultery of every kind, they are now ready with their latest: ‘hate story’ an erotic thriller that is elaborate enough to include prostitution and other things in an effort to seek revenge. While erotica is often perceived as full frontal exposure, the director of the film Vivek Agnihotri tells Kunal Guha that it has a lot more than just that.

    How did ‘Hate Story come about?

    Vikram Bhatt had written the subject and when he narrated it to me, I was taken aback by the boldness of the story. It portrayed the power of womankind in a totally different way. It was something that has never been seen in Indian society or even in western society for that matter. Then I realised that it can be the character’s choice to do what she does and there can be a real life person just like her. In fact when I heard the story for

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