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  • Chargesheet review

    A still from 'Chargesheet'

    Cast: Dev Anand, Divya Dutta, Naseeruddin Shah, Jackie Shroff, a few big bosomed women with undersized brassieres, too many extras

    Directed by Dev Anand

    Marksheet: Hardcore soft porn

    'Chargesheet' will cling to memory for being the single-most traumatic Hindi movie ever. We all feel for the underdogs, the extras on a film set, the sideshow clowns, the people who cumulatively realise crowd scenes in films etc. But our sentiments for these rejects of the entertainment industry would be feeble compared to that of director Dev Anand's, who casts them in lead roles in this film. I mean, he did cast Naseeruddin Shah and Jackie Shroff too. But in a crowd of big bosomed ham cutlets, they're just the seasoning.

    The film sets the tone right from the beginning. The big 'Bhai' from Dubai (Naseeruddin Shah) is being serenaded by his favourite keep, Maria. A rain dance number is performed with clothes so minimal that if she had worn nothing, we would've seen lesser than we do. Anyway, like every

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  • Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster review

    Mahie Gill in a still from the movie

    Cast: Jimmy Sheirgill, Mahie Gill, Randeep Hooda
    Directed by Tigmanshu Dhulia
    Rating: *** ½

    Some of the best thrillers and edgy cult classics have had one thing in common: their characters could snap at just about anything. And the three lead cast members in 'Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster' (SBAG) are just as deliciously obnoxious and unpredictable to keep you entertained.

    The film revolves around the lives of Saheb (Jimmy Sheirgill), a king without a crown, Choti Rani (Mahie Gill), a queen who is as disturbed as she is horny and Bablu (Randeep Hooda), a very ambitious and passionate side-kick. Now with each of them displaying competing levels of eccentricity, it is natural that we would have untimely slaps and any scene can drift from passionate to gruesome without any warning.

    Despite being bankrupt, Saheb takes pride in his royalty which is reduced to just his moustache. His chief source of income is now terrorizing government officials for contracts and bumming off from stepmother, 'Badi

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  • Speedy Singhs review

    Speedy Singhs

    Cast: Vinay Virmani, Anupam Kher, Camilla Belle, Gurpreet Guggi, Russel Peters, Noureen Dewulf, Sakina Jaffrey, Rob Lowe, Akshay Kumar

    Directed by Robert Lieberman

    Rating: **
    Sports films have always subscribed to a recipe that guarantees success. A little more or less and you can be assured of indigestion. So here's a list of ingredients needed for a heady brew of clichés:

    1.    Every sports movie has to have a lead. Someone who looks, acts, dribbles better than most others in the film. In some cases, he/she is also the only one with an acting background among the cast. Here we have Mickey-Mouse-faced Rajveer Singh (Vinay Virmani).

    2.    For no particular reason, the sport our hero pursues so passionately will be one his native country is alien to. Like in 'Lagaan', cricket was an English game which was mastered by the local Indian villagers. Here, Rajveer, who is of an Indian origin, is crazy about ice hockey, a game he picked up while growing up in Canada (in all possible Punjabi

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  • Mausam review


    Cast: Shahid Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor, Anupam Kher, Aditi Sharma, Supriya Pathak

    Directed by Pankaj Kapoor

    Rating: *1/2

    Mausam can have many taglines. Mausam- 'a season to snooze'. Mausam- 'come fall asleep (with or without recliner seats)'. But the original one sticks best, 'Mausam: a timeless love story…' The ellipses only reinforce that this film might just never end. A tip: carry a day pack comprising essentials when you go to watch it.

    A disclaimer at the beginning says that the film doesn't depict true Indian Air Force procedures and tactics. So, dare you roll your eyes when a fighter pilot in the film prepares for an aerial raid by locking and loading his pistol into his holster (in case the missiles get jammed?).

    The film opens to a charming village in Punjab called Mallukot, home to our hero, Harry/Harinder Singh (Shahid Kapoor) who is somewhere between Top Cat and village idiot. In true Punjabi spirit, every dialogue begins with 'Dekh oye!' and everyone loves saying 'Haan

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  • Mummy Punjabi review

    A still from 'Mummy Punjabi'

    Cast: Kirron Kher, Kanwaljit Singh, Jackie Shroff, Divya Dutta, Viraf Patel, Sachin Sharma, Simran
    Directed by Pammi Somal
    Rating: Bummer Punjabi

    Unlike the wrapped remains of pre-historic Egyptians, the Punjabi mummy has a lot to offer. From hip-shaking jhatkas to jaw-chilling phatkas (slaps), this mother of melodrama, can give any K-serial bahu a run for her money. Cumulatively, 'Mummy Punjabi' compiles an eclectic collection of stereotypes from Hindi films, past, present and even those lost in time.

    Set in the semi-metro of Punjab, Chandigarh, the film presents the life and times of Baby (Kirron Kher). Fondly called as Babyji, she is the mother of Simran (who has a misplaced calling for Bolywood) and two sons, Karan (Sachin Sharma) and Arjun (Viraf Patel). They're often seen squinting as Baby squeezes their cheeks while muttering, "Mere Karan-Arjun…". One is a smart-ass doctor and the other a timid club owner. When a mother is called 'Baby', her babies end up being rotten as hell.

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