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  • ‘Distributors only want a star’

    Director Ashvin Kumar talks about his latest thriller 'The Forest'
    Being nominated for an Oscar is like being knighted. Oscar-nominated becomes a courteous prefix to one’s name. So when Ashvin Kumar was nominated for one in 2005 for his film ‘Little Terrorist’, he was on a different high. Anyone would be. But he went through a humbling experience when he completed his very next film- a man-eater based thriller called ‘The Forest’. While the film was shot with an international crew, it had an Indian setting. But for some reason he didn’t find a buyer for 5 years. Now that the film is finally releasing, the director is relieved and claims to have learnt a lot in the period that he waited for the film to reach the screens. He admits that he had, at several points, come to believe that the film would never release. He talks to Kunal Guha about the ideology behind his craft and why Indian distributors, despite the evolution of Indian cinema, continue to evaluate films through a rigid metric and fail to see a film for its true merit.
    A still from 'The Forest'
    What was the core
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  • Who will you cast your vote for?

    Who will you vote for?

    While movie trailers are supposed to give one an idea of what to expect, it’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to selling a film today. Film marketing has gone way beyond the usual and has come to appreciate and acknowledge the theme of the film to a large extent. The film is about a rockstar- let’s have a rock concert, the film is about an item girl- let’s get her jiggy on stage. The latest being- the Gangs of Wasseypur franchise that plans to promote an electoral campaign through the streets of Mumbai and Delhi to promote the second installment of the political thriller. This initiative would be conducted by plastering the city with political posters where the two opposing contestants from the movie would be vying for your vote. While the first part of the film garnered rave reviews, it left audiences curious and excited about the sequel. And this political campaign would surely connect with those who can't wait to know what happens in Part 2.

    Here are a few other
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  • ‘I am a Punjabi but not as aggressive’

    True talent is never ignored in Bollywood just like true lack of talent is often harshly rubbished. And Parineeti Chopra has to be the best example to second this fact. Her short yet memorable supporting role in 'Ladies Vs Ricky Bahl' was enough to prove her might and her bubbly, naïve and selfish brat image ensured she shined above her co-actors and even the lead cast to make for a memorable debut. So it's no wonder that YRF has signed her up for a 3 movie-deal with her latest film being Ishaqzaade', directed by 'Do Dooni Char' director Habib Faisal. 'Ishaqzaade' promises to give her a strong foothold into the industry apart from establishing her as an actress of substance. Over a candid chat with Kunal Guha, the motor-mouth actress tells us about the joys of being the lead in a Yash Raj film and how fame and fortune haven't changed her one bit.

    From a supporting role in 'Ladies Vs Ricky Bahl' to the lead in the latest Yash Raj film, have any myths about the industry

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  • Jannat 2 review

    Cast: Emraan Hashmi, Isha Gupta, Manish Choudhary,  Arif Zakaria

    Directed by Kunal Deshmukh

    Rating: *

    One thing that will puzzle you endlessly at several points during this film is why the filmmaker would’ve considered the title. Is it a metaphysical metaphor to the life of the downtrodden? Does it delve into the afterlife where our lead cast will be ushered into a ‘Jannat’ where the Bhatts aren’t in the business of making films? Neither. The true essence of the title needs much less brain picking. It refers to the twin dumplings served in a skewer in the form of the film’s leading lady. As crude as that sounds, it is infact the only logical reference one can deduce.

    The film is about a jack of all trades related to guns and master of fun, Sonu Dilli KKC (Emraan Hashmi). KKC is short for ‘Kutti, Kameeni Cheez’. See, you were better off not knowing that, right? Anyway, Sonu falls under the radar of forever-brooding inspector ACP Pratap (Randeep Hooda) who wants to bust the big Read More »from Jannat 2 review
  • Bhatt was a Chinese boy who died early: Karisma

    Karisma talks about 'Dangerous Ishhq'

    Karisma talks about her comeback film 'Dangerous Ishhq' and what her director learnt about his past life

    Bollywood's original 'heroine number one' Karisma Kapoor took a break from acting at the peak of her career. She embraced household life following her marriage Delhi industrialist Sanjay Kapur. While the film industry felt her void, it was swiftly filled by those actresses who had been waiting in the wing shadowed by the might Lolo, as she is fondly nicknamed as. Today as she makes her comeback in the ambitious supernatural thriller 'Dangerous Ishhq' in 3D no less, she is as excited as she was when she made her debut in 'Prem Qaidi' over two decades ago. In a suburban hotel in Mumbai, she met up with Kunal Guha to chat about why she's back and what keeps her going. She also reveals some secrets behind her eternal beauty and newly acquired body.

    Have you missed Bollywood as much as the industry has missed you? Has the industry changed much from where you left it?
    I've been in touch
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