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  • Why ‘Avatar’ failed at Oscars?


    The 2010 Oscars is behind us now and looking back, this year's battle appeared to be the David-Goliath show at the podium. The lesser mortal gave a big blow to Cameron's Goliath 'Avatar' - the much anticipated mega movie of all-time. Much to the 'hurt' of King James, his ex-wife took away the laurels becoming the first women ever in history to win the best director's Oscar coinciding perfectly with Women's Day! More than the battle of the sexes, the ex's sweet revenge or changing paradigms in Hollywood, 'Avatar's thumbs down at the Oscars is a matter of bigger magnitude. Commiserating with 'Avatar' fans, I couldn't get over the thought of why the epic blockbuster failed to impress the Academy committee.

    Avatar has been going strong, grossing billions all over the world, breaking the 12- year collection record of 'Titanic'. 'Hurt Locker' on the other hand, is film people have started giving a thought to after its Oscar success. Why did 'Avatar' fail to have a make an impact at the

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