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  • DVD Watch: Five-Year Engagement

    In the film, Jason Segal and Emily Blunt complement each other beautifully as an altar tripping couple

    Genre: Romance
    Language: English
    Verdict: A mushy love story

    Plot: Five-year engagement is a warm-hearted look at what happens when a fairy-tale romance hits a pause button. This mushy, feel good love story has 'Knocked Up' Jason Segal and Emily Blunt complementing each other beautifully as an altar tripping couple, waiting forever to get married. The duo play Violet and Tom, a newly- engaged couple who move from San Francisco to Michigan when she applies for a post at the state university. Tom gives up his successful job as a chef for her but as Violet’s contract is extended, resentment starts to fester and love flies out of the window.

    What works: Jason Segal and Emily Blunt bring their performances to life and the audience can empathise with them. But the film drags when the focus shift to their separate lives and you can't wait for them to be back together. Though the title

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  • ‘I can’t be funny all the time’

    Says Boman Irani has he talks about his Blu-ray collection and how he uses humour to get out of sticky situations

    “I can’t be prancing around all the time trying to be funny. I am human after all,” says Boman Irani about the after- effects of the roles he has selected to do. For the multi-faceted actor, acting wasn't his first love. Before he was bitten by the acting bug, Boman was a well-known photographer and theatre artist. But everything did not come easy to him. From selling chips to waiting tables at a five-star hotel, Boman has done it all.The actor has donned a new role and that is of a chat show host of Teachers Achievers Club and as part of the show which will feature achievers from various fields. The candid conversations will be dotted with video from friends and family of the guests. “It is a humbling experience to listen to their journey and the common thread running through each of them is humility,” he says. In a free-wheeling chat, the actor talks about his show, the

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  • Being a Khan

    Outlook Turning Points 2013 [Published By The New York Times]: Shah Rukh Khan

    I am an actor. Time does not frame my days with as much conviction as images do. Images rule my life. Moments and memories imprint themselves on my being in the form of the snapshots that I weave into my expression. The essence of my art is the ability to create images that resonate with the emotional imagery of those watching them.

    I am a Khan. The name itself conjures multiple images in my mind too: a strapping man riding a horse, his reckless hair flowing from beneath a turban tied firm around his head. His ruggedly handsome face marked by weathered lines and a distinctly large nose.

    A stereotyped extremist; no dance, no drink, no cigarette tipping off his lips, no monogamy, no blasphemy; a fair, silent face beguiling a violent fury smoldering within. A streak that could even make him blow himself up in the name of his God. Then there is the image of me being shoved into a back room of a vast American airport

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  • We have no safety issues: SRK

    Caught in the middle of a controversy, SRK issues statement clarifying issues about his article in a magazine

    With India and Pakistan getting involved in a war of words over Shah Rukh Khan’s security in India, the actor tried to put the issue to rest by issuing a statement on Tuesday. “I would like to tell all those who are offering me unsolicited advice that we in India are extremely safe and happy. We have an amazing democratic, free and secular way of life. In the environs that we live here in my country India, we have no safety issues regarding life or material. As a matter of fact it is irksome for me to clarify this non-existent issue. With respect I would like to say to anyone who is interpreting my views and offering advice regarding them, please read what I have written first,” he stated in the statement.

    In an interview to Outlook Turning Points magazine, the star had written about his experience of being a Muslim in India, which made  Lashkar-e-Taiba founder Hafiz Saeed Read More »from We have no safety issues: SRK
  • 'Don't understand the basis of this controversy'

    Said Shah Rukh Khan in his media statement questioning the basis of controversy between the two countries

    According to me, all our lives we are defined by three identities.  Two of which are fortunately acquired by birth  and are a matter of unconditional love and acceptance. The first identity is acquired by where one is born. Our Motherland. That defines us. So foremost all of us here like me are proud Indians.  Second the family name and upbringing that our parents give us. Mine is Khan, like some of us here. I am very proud of my parents, like all of us are here. I love them unconditionally.  The third is the profession we choose that defines us. By some quirk of fate I am a celebrity… a public figure in the fields of art and media. Like most of us are here today.
    As I said being an Indian and my parents’ child is an unconditional accepted truth of my life and I am very proud of both. The third… being a public figure makes me open to any kind of questioning, adjectives good and bad

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