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  • 'Delhi Safari' shortlisted for Oscars

    'Delhi Safari' shortlisted for the 85th Academy Awards in the animation category

    After wooing the audiences worldwide, Nikhil Advani’s animated adventure 'Delhi Safari' has made its grand entry to world’s most prestigious movie recognition award ceremony. The film has been shortlisted for the 85th Academy Awards in the animation category.Directed by Nikhil Advani, Delhi Safari is an animated family film with real world themes about urban sprawl and the effects of humanity on the global ecosystem. The idea of this film came to Advani in one of many long nature walks that he enjoys taking with his six-year-old daughter.

    The balance between fun and being meaningful is what sets the film apart from the many animated films released in this category. Delhi Safari is brave departure from the stereotypical Bollywood animation films with a strong and crisp plot. The English version of the film features the voices of  Jason Alexander, Cary Elwes, Christopher Lloyd, Jane Lynch, Vanessa Williams

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  • From Kabul, with love

    Three teenage girls have set out to change the world's view about their country Afghanistan. Here's how

    "Afghanistan is not only about war and bombings and we want to change the world's perception," says the 16-year-old Sahar while 19-year-old Sadaf, and Nargis, 18 nod in affirmation. These three girls have made a 17-minute documentary called 'The Kabul Cards', which shows the brighter side country's capital Kabul. The documentary stresses on the fact that the war-ravaged country has much more to offer than its image of bombed-out sites and terror attacks which the world generally associates it with.

    The short film was screened in the newly introduced 'Kabul Fresh' category at the recently-concluded Mumbai Film Festival which showcased different films to highlight the Afghan cinema. The film chronicles the daily life of the civilians which these girls have caught to show the world that the life in the city is pretty much same as elsewhere.

    The first seed of the idea to make this

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  • 'Neither propaganda nor awareness'

    In a still from 'Chakravyuh'

    Abhay Deol talks about 'Chakravyuh' and why the film doesn't takes on sides while highlighting the Naxal issue

    In Chakravyuh, Abhay Deol plays a common man-turned-gun-toting Maoist rebel Kabir. After playing a 40-year-old IAS officer in 'Shanghai', Abhay will be seen as a Naxalite in his first action-packed film. The film is a story of two friends caught on the opposite sides against the backdrop of Naxal movement. However Abhay is quick to add that no sides are taken in this film. "Through my character Kabir (a Maoist rebel) he represents one point of view and through Arjun (a cop) he presents another point of view. Both share opposite ideologies about the Naxal movement," he adds.The actor who has always experimented with his role talks about the film and the challenges involved in making a political drama.

    Excerpts from the interview:

    What inspired you to take up the film?
    The script. Honestly, it always has to be the script and it helped that Prakashji was the director. I was keenRead More »from 'Neither propaganda nor awareness'
  • ‘Can’t avoid censorship in China’

    Lifetime Achievement Award winner at MAMI, Zhang Yimou talks about making films in China and how his bleak childhood influenced his films

    Zhang Yimou, China's most celebrated director received a standing ovation as he was presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award at the opening ceremony of the 14th Mumbai Film Festival. His films such as 'Hero', 'Raise the Red Lantern' and 'Ju Dou' were nominated for Oscars.

    Born to parents of 'dubious' background, Zhang brought his first camera by selling his blood and the turbulent times he grew in left an impact on him and his cinema. Growing up in a class dominated China made him work in farms and factories before he plotted his way to the university.  Pictures clicked with his camera helped him get an admission in the cinematography department of the Beijing Film Academy. Despite censorship, Zhang has managed to work around it and has gained international acclaim.

    Excerpts from the interview:
    How did you get into film making?
    I grew up in

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  • Best of Yash Chopra

    What made his films unforgettable was his uncanny ability to create magic on screen. Here's a look

    Waqt: Though Yash Chopra's directorial debut was Dhool Ka Phool, it was Waqt which got him the best director award for the first time. According to Bollywood trivia, B R Chopra had originally planned the film with Prithviraj Kapoor and his three sons, Raj, Shammi and Shashi. Eventually, only Shashi Kapoor was cast in the film.

    Daag:The hit pair of the seventies Rajesh Khanna and Sharmila Tagore teamed up together in this drama about a polygamous man living a dual life. At that time, Rajesh Khanna was a superstar and everybody wanted a piece of him. Sources say that the leading ladies of the film never spoke to each other for years after a fight over Rajesh Khanna.

     Deewar: The film contains all the stock-in-trade elements of a Bollywood masala potboiler - Brothers who are poles apart, the wronged mother, a taut script ( one of the best from Salim - Javed), the powerful dialogues and above

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