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  • ‘Bhoot Returns’ house is haunted?

    House where 'Bhoot Returns' is shot

    The house where ‘Bhoot Returns’ is shot has a questionable past and is said to be haunted

    Ram Gopal Varma believes that fear works best when it happens where you least expect it and to people with whom everyone can identify. During the shoot of ‘Bhoot Returns’ RGV didn’t tell his crew members that the shoot location itself has a scary history.

    The house chosen for the shoot of 'Bhoot Returns' has a questionable history. “The house is quite huge and secluded from the other bungalows and one can’t shake away the eerie feeling it brings at night,” says a source from the sets. At first, RGV didn’t tell his crew about the bungalow's past. It was much later he told everyone that the placed housed many famous personalities and also that the first owner committed suicide. “The cast of the film was quite spooked after this scary information. For the night shoots, no one ventured out alone and always moved in groups. Though nothing untoward happened during the shoot, the crew still took Read More »from ‘Bhoot Returns’ house is haunted?
  • Imran’s search for the right jeans

    To get his look right for ‘Once Upon a Time Again’, Imran Khan borrowed Akshay Kumar’s make-up man’s jeans

    After going rustic Haryanavi boy for Vishal Bhardwaj’s ‘Maatru ki Bijli Ka Mandola’, Imran Khan will be going the tapori way in Milan Lutharia’s sequel for ‘Once Upon A Time Again’. Like its prequel, this film is also based on the Mumbai underworld and stars Akshay Kumar and Imran Khan.
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    If you are Aamir Khan’s nephew, you are bound to take your profession seriously. To get his look right for the film, Imran Khan borrowed Akshay Kumar’s makeup man’s jeans. This is not the normal casual jeans which everyone wears but a bell-bottomed style which were highly popular in 80’s.Since the film is also based during that time, Imran wanted the perfect pair and his struggle to find one came to an end when he spotted Akshay’s make-up man wearing it.
     “Imran was struggling to get one of these 80’s jeans as they are not in fashion anymore. Imran’s look in ‘Once Upon A

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  • Director turns doctor

    For the first time, ace director Anurag Kashyap turns script doctor for his Phantom collegue Vikas Bahl

    What does a director do when he needs to bounce-off some ideas for his film? Well, he gets in touch with another director. That’s what Vikas Bahl did when he wanted third-eye perspective for his script. Bahl roped in his Phantom Company colleague Anurag Kashyap as his script doctor.
    Pics: Kashyap returns with a bang

    Says a source, “A director always finds it very difficult to bounce off ideas and discuss his script with someone else. At the same time, it is very necessary to do so. Hence Phantom has now started this trend which is widely followed internationally. Phantom which is the first of its kind is an absolutely no ego zone as to think of it directors which are in a way competing with each other otherwise with their films are now all working together as one entity.”

    Internationally once the script is complete, it always goes to the script doctor for a better perspective and to

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  • This bhoot is for adults

    Ram Gopal Varma’s ‘Bhoot Returns’ receives an 'A' certificate for its trailer

    Ram Gopal Varma’s ‘Bhoot Returns’ has received an 'A' certificate for its trailer from the Censor Board. Bhoot Returns is a sequel to the 2004 horror film ‘Bhoot’, which had Urmila Matondkar and Ajay Devgn in lead roles. This installment also marks the comeback of Manisha Koirala in Bollywood.

    According to the director, fear works best when it happens where you least expect it and to people with whom everyone can identify. 'Bhoot' dealt with a simple everyday couple who get subjected to a ghost in a haunted apartment. Carrying that tradition forward, ‘Bhoot Returns’ will be about a family trapped in a terrifyingly supernatural situation.The film features a little girl playing with a partly visible spirit in the living room in the wee hours and the scene is being captured on a webcam. Also, Varma has made use of optical illusion to lend a frightening effect to the little girl's image on the movie poster.

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  • Heroine can smoke on-screen

    The Delhi High Court has upheld the appeal to show Kareena Kapoor smoking on-screen in 'Heroine'

    Makers of ‘Heroine’ can heave a sigh of relief. The Delhi High Court has ruled in favour of the film and has upheld the appeal to show Kareena smoking in the film . A few days ago, Madhur Bhandarkar's upcoming film had run into trouble with the Censor Board for the scenes which show Kareena lighting up. The board wasn't too pleased to see the actress blowing smoke on screen.
    Pics: Kareena’s Heroine look

    Following the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting diktat, the board asked the makers to run an anti-smoking ticker in each scene. Not too happy with the decision, the makers of the film approached the High Court and appealed against this decision of adding a ticker, now that the film is complete and is ready to hit the theatres next week.
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    Finally relieved with the decision, a spokesperson from UTV issued a statement saying, "We are happy that the High Court

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