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  • God's blessing in Muscat

    Akshay Kumar who is shooting for 'Once Upon A Time Again’ in Muscat seeks divine intervention for his upcoming film ‘Oh My God’

    After being banned from offering prayers at the holy shrine of Sufi saint Khawaja Moinuddin Chisti, Bollywood is looking everywhere for divine intervention. Akshay Kumar who is currently shooting for his film ‘Once Upon A Time Again’ in Muscat decided to go local and offered his blessings at a local mosque.

    Pics: Here's comes the God

    September is a very special month for Akshay as he will turn dad for the second time. Not only that, his maiden venture ‘Oh My God’ is also releasing this month. The star is shooting for the sequel of ‘Once Upon A Time in Mumbai’ for the last couple of days and took some time off to seek blessings in Muscat.

    Apart from producing the film, Akshay is also essaying the role of God in the film. ‘Oh My God’ revolves around the two characters- Paresh Rawal plays Kanji bhai who owns a shop of idols who doesn’t believe in the Read More »from God's blessing in Muscat
  • Sonam-Danush back to school?

    Sonam Kapoor tweeted the first look of her film 'Raanjhnaa’ with Kolavari star Dhanush

    Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor posted the first look of her film 'Raanjhnaa’ on a social networking site today. The actress has started filming in Varanasi with southern star Dhanush. While 60 per cent of the film is set in Varanasi, the rest will be shot in Delhi and Punjab. The shooting will take place for the next two months, and a lot of the scenes will be filmed at the picturesque ghats of the Ganga.

    In the film, Sonam plays a middle-class girl from Delhi’s Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) while Dhanush is a Brahmin boy from Varanasi. The 'Kolaveri' star Dhanush expressed his excitement to be in Banaras and is said to be looking forward to his first Hindi film. Danush has been working hard on his Hindi, we hear.

    The actors would also be playing 17-year olds in an important segment of the film. Initially, the plan was to cast younger actors but it turned out to be a daunting task to match them

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  • Sridevi's new passion

    Sridevi busy sketching on the sets of 'English Vinglish'

    On the sets of 'English Vinglish', Sridevi can be found with paper and pencils, drawing with rapt attention

    What do stars do in between shoots? While some take up reading, others like Aamir Khan exercise their grey cells with chess. Sridevi who is making her comeback in Gauri Shinde’s ‘English Vinglish’ used her free time on sets by indulging in her favourite pastime- drawing.

    On the sets, Sri was always ready with crayons paper, pencil and paints. The moment a break is called in, the actress goes to her corner and starts sketching whatever catches her fancy. One can see her drawing with rapt attention, oblivious to the chaos and commotions of the sets. “When it comes to drawing, Sri is almost childlike and uses all her free time between shoots but the moment the break gets over, she is back focusing on the shoot,” says a source from the set.

     Sridevi struggles with Hindi

    When contacted, her spokesperson confirmed Sri’s love for drawing. “Yes it is true that Sridevi loves to Draw. She isRead More »from Sridevi's new passion
  • How RGV came up with 'Bhoot Returns'


    Tired of waiting for Nitin Manmohan to part with 'Bhoot 2' title, RGV chooses 'Bhoot Returns'

    With spate of recent sequels like Jism 2, Murder 2, Housefull 2, Ram Gopal Varma doesn’t want Bhoot to be termed as just another sequel. Since ‘Bhoot’ was a huge hit and still has a recall value, the director didn’t want to part with the title.  Thus he chose ‘Bhoot Returns’.

    After the success, ‘Bhoot 2’ as a title was registered by producer Nitin Manmohan’s company because at that time Nitin Manmohan and RGV were working together. Owing to their parting, producer Nitin Manmohan a year back announced Bhoot 2 with Vikram Bhatt as the director.

     But when Vikram got to know that the announcement was made without RGV’s consent, he backed out. As the title Bhoot 2 was registered with Nitin Manmohan, the new producers of the sequel Alumbra Entertainment and Eros International repeatedly requested Nitin Manmohan to part with the title citing the original creator was RGV. “The producers repeated

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  • “I’ve always been a drama queen"

    In an interview with Vogue, 'Student of The Year' debutante Alia Bhatt talks about how Karan Johar transformed her from a schoolgirl to a heroine

     Her deep-set dimples, her animated expressions and ease in front of the camera bring to mind (her favourite actor) Kareena Kapoor— ‘Baby Bebo’ was the nickname bandied about on the Student of the Year set. She is perfectly comfortable and graciously accepting of all this. “I’ve always been a drama queen and performer,” shares Alia, flashing those dimples, she further adds, “I’ve wanted to do this since I was two years old.”

    People automatically assume that it is easy for all star kids but when it comes to Alia, she totally shrugs off that thought, “I am working as hard as I can.” She says.  “There are people who don’t come from the film industry who give it a hundred per cent, so why should it be any different for me? I never wanted to star in my father’s productions because that would have been too easy. Even now, if I don’t say Read More »from “I’ve always been a drama queen"


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