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  • ‘Can’t afford to pay Stephen King’

    Vikram Bhatt on his film and why he can't make films on Stephen King's books

    "I am more into Blairwitch Project and Paranormal Activity kind of cinema than Exorcist, Evil Dead type. For me, fear has to be unknown than on your face, " says the self-confessed Stephen King fan. This is Vikram Bhatt's most ambitious project and the director is leaving no stone unturned to promote the film which marks the return of Karisma Kapoor.  From releasing the part of the film online to hopping to different cities for promtions, Vikram is going all out this time. It took him three years to elicit a positive response from his leading lady but like he says, "it was worth the wait". After making the first horror 3D film 'Haunted', the director is ready with his period thriller 'Dangerous Ishhq' which is also in 3D. But Vikram is quick to dismiss the hype saying, "3D is just an enhancement and the story itself is the main hero". Inspired by Dr Brain Weiss' bestseller 'Many Lives, Many Masters', the
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  • Anthony Gonsalves in 'Bol Bachchan'

    Amitabh Bachchan to re-create iconic dance scene from ‘Amar Akbar Anthony’ for ‘Bol Bachchan’

    After shaking their legs together in 'Kajra Re', Big B and AB Jr will be seen along with Ajay Devgn and will re-create his iconic entry scene from the famous 'My Name is Anthony Gonsalves' song from ‘Amar Akbar Anthony’.

    The song from Bachchan’s earlier hit sees him popping out of a life-sized egg and the same scene will be replicated for 'Bol Bachchan' title track video as well. Amitabh Bachchan has rendered his vocals for the track and the song will also feature some of his evergreen iconic dialogues from 'Amar Akbar Anthony' and other films.
    Meet pehelwan Ajay Devgn

    Adding to this exciting news is the fact that Big B will be seen in a song with Ajay Devgn for the first time as the duo have never danced together, and this will also be the return of the Bachchan father-son duo after the hit ‘Kajra Re’ back in 2005. Abhishek Bachchan will also sing a few lines in the track as well, we hear.


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  • What’s Karisma’s lucky charm?

    Karisma Kapoor

    Among other things, Karisma prefers to have her films’ narration only at Otters Club in Bandra since the place is lucky for her

    It’s an interesting pattern where we see our B-town celebs consider certain possessions to be lucky for them. Apart from wearing various rings, or black threads there are certain locations also which prove lucky for our stars and Dangerous Ishhq star Karisma Kapoor is a firm believer of that.
    Karisma on 'Dangerous Ishhq'

    Not many know that Karisma considers Otters Club in Mumbai a lucky place for all her film narrations, & for ‘Dangerous Ishhq’ narration she requested Vikram Bhatt to do it in the same club...It so happened that upon reaching there it was discovered that the Club was under construction and had no provision for amenities such food, coffee at all.
    Karisma's many avatars

    Despite this, we hear that Vikram and Karisma sat at one corner of the under construction restaurant for 3 hours having to sip only water. Karisma patiently heard the narration and

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  • Yahoo! exclusive: 'Dangerous Ishhq' clip

    The makers of Dangerous Ishhq release four minutes of the film on Yahoo!, a week before it hits the screen. So go ahead and be the first to watch this exclusive clip from the film only on Yahoo! India Movies:

     This is a first and it has generated quite a buzz.  The makers of Dangerous Ishhq have released four minutes of the film on Yahoo, a week before it hits the theatres.

    Sources say that though Vikram is really confident of the film that he has made, he feels that the 30 seconds promo that had been released online wasn’t able to capture the theme of the story well. Bhatt feels that this four minute footage will help the audience understand what the film is all about.
    Karisma on 'Dangerous Ishhq'

    Dangerous Ishhq, which is Karisma Kapoor's comeback vehicle, has the actress playing the role of a supermodel who goes through past life regression in order to find solutions to her problems that she is facing in her present life.

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  • Meet pehelwan Ajay

    The actor has bulked yet again to play a wrestler in his upcoming film 'Bol Bachchan' 
    Ajay Devgn is going the Pehelwan way. The actor who plays a wrestler Prithviraj Raghuvanshi in the upcoming film ‘Bol Bachchan’ has built a body which will put a real pehelwan to shame.

    Recently, the actor shocked the entire unit by lifting very heavy traditional akhada equipment for a particular scene!! The equipment known as the ‘ballam’ weighs around 25 kilos and is used by real pehelwans in traditional desi akhadas to train and work out. “For a particular scene, the actor was supposed to lift the 25 kilo ‘ballam’ like an actual pehelwan. Director Rohit Shetty had kept a lighter ‘ballam’ which weighed much lesser than the original one ready for the shot. However, Devgn insisted on using the real ‘ballam’ as he wanted to shot to look perfect. And with a strong and fit physique like his, he managed to lift the very heavy equipment and the superstar pulled the shot off with much ease and perfection

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