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  • Censor okays Titanic's erotic scenes

    The two deleted erotic painting scenes from the blockbuster film ‘Titanic’ has been passed without censor cuts

    The memorable and much rewound painting scene from James Cameron’s magnum will finally see the light of the day. The scene where Leonardo Di Caprio sketches Kate Winslet wearing just an emerald necklace has now been included in the 3D version.

    In 1997, when Titanic first released, two scenes were cut. However this time, the film has been passed without any cuts at all and has received a clear U/A censor rating by CBFC. “Titanic 3D has been passed with a clear U/A rating from the Censor Board. The scenes cut in 1997 have now been included in the 3D version releasing on 5th April across all theaters in India,” says a source.

    'Titanic' to set sail again

    Opening across theatres on 5th April 2012 in India, the film’s 3D release is a commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic and pays a special tribute to the tragedy that took place in 1912. With Leonardo Read More »from Censor okays Titanic's erotic scenes
  • Which is your favourite 'Housefull 2' song?

    Check out the songs from Sajid Khan's 'Housefull 2' and tell us which one you like the best

    With just four songs and two remixed versions, Housefull 2 songs have climbed up the charts and have become quite popular, especially Malaika Arora Khan's sizzling number 'Anarkali'. Watch the videos and vote for your favourite song

    'Right Now': Composed by Sajid-Wajid, this peppy number is sung by Sajid, Sunidhi Chauhan and Sussane D'Mello

    'Do You Love Me': Watch the Akshay Kumar , John Abraham and Riteish Deshmukh trying to woo their love interest in this song from the film

    'Anarkali Disco Chali': Watch the sizzling hot Malaika Arora Khan groove with the sexy boys of 'Housefull 2'.

    Vote for your favourite song

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  • Is 'Happi' inspired by 'The Artist'?

    Like 'The Artist', this Pankaj Kapoor starrer film was first shot in colour and then converted into black and white

    Though this film has been stuck in making for two years because the lead actor of the film Pankaj Kapoor wanted to concentrate on his directorial debut, the film will now see the light of the day soon. Like the Oscar winning film 'The Artist', this film was also shot in colour and then converted into black and white.

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    In the film, Pankaj Kapoor plays Charlie Chaplinisque character Happi  who as the name suggest is a happy-go-lucky person. Despite all odds, he tries to live life to its fullest and refuses to accept failure. The film will also see him being paired opposite real-life wife Supriya Pathak.

    Following the success of 'The Artist', there is much talk about turning 'Happi' also into a silent film. However the film's director refutes the claim saying that turning the film into a silent film will change Pankaj's character. In the film, Happi is either

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  • Will ‘Cocktail’ salvage Saif's career?

    Saif's 19-year long career has swung wildly. Will 'Cocktail' finally work for him when Agent Vinod didn't?

    When he made his debut in 1993, Saif Ali Khan was a lanky 23-year-old with long hair, strong accent and no great acting skills. Today, he is still strongly accented with a six-pack body and a body of work worth writing about. But his 19-year long career has swung wildly giddy highs and abysmal lows.Just when the media wrote him off after a spate of average films like 'Aarzoo' and 'Love Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega', Saif swung back as a strong supporting actor in 'Dil Chahta Hai'.Though his magnum opus 'Agent Vinod' with lady love Kareena Kapoor failed to impress the audience or the critics, Saif is unfazed. This time he is back in 'Cocktail ' as what he is best at: A romantic hero.  Here, a look at the films which worked for him.

    Dil Chahta Hai and Kal Ho Na Ho: This film was the turning point for Saif’s and breathed life to his dwindling career. Saif’s Sameer was much

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  • 'Housefull 2' gang of girls get candid

    The click-happy 'Housefull2' girls decided to take a break from the promotions and have some fun

    It’s a known fact that Bollywood actresses never get along with each other. Thankfully, the producer of Housefull 2 didn’t have to deal with this problem. While the men in the comic-caper were busy promoting the film diligently, the ladies decided to take some time out and become camera happy.


    Sajid Nadiadwala's wife Wardha and two sons also joined the gang

    The girls took a coffee break before carrying on with the film promotions

    Watch trailer

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