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  • Alt Pick of the Week: Why you should watch The Raven

    The Raven
    That the cinema hall had less than 10 people (granted that it was a Tuesday 12 am screening) goes to prove that Hollywood patronage has indeed seen better days in India. Ironically, with globalization, the market share of Hollywood has dropped from 16-18 per cent in the 1980s to less than 4 per cent in the present scenario. Never mind, The Raven, starring John Cusack as a drink-ravaged monster at the end of his innings on Planet Earth, was a decent find, especially if Ram Gopal Varma’s Department had you in a state of shock last week.

    The film revolves around American writer-poet Edgar Allen Poe, the father of horror and gothic, trying to make ends’ meet with his literary reviews and short stories. Nobody, ranging from his newspaper editor to the bar he frequents once too often, wants him around anymore…until a serial murderer starts hacking his victims with Poe’s short stories as a theme. He is therefore hauled up to assist in the investigations, a trail that gets murkier once his

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  • It’s the time to disco

    It was 1980 when Jitendra Hari Karvir, a.k.a. Appa, pioneered rickshaw pop - or dhinchaak - in Mumbai by selling his own homemade brand of car stereo. It is also the serendipity of his enterprise overlapping with chartbusters from Shaan and Qurbani that made him the Quincy Jones of his milieu. Vishwas Kulkarni tunes in

    It is a sound that you associate with your eardrums bursting – something like nails scratching against a blackboard, but with a full song replacing the nails. You hail a black-and-yellow jalopy, you tell the cabbie where you wish to head, he pushes down the flag of his meter and you head off. And then, without forewarning, the cabbie turns on his stereo and out blares a chartbuster that is all treble and no bass. Once in a while, you ask him to lower the volume - but more often you sit back and soak it in, because it is an experience you cannot replicate.

    Rickshaw Pop always had its own chartbusters, dhinchaak ditties that can best be enjoyed in the (dis)comfort of a

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  • Poonam's Bollywood debut is a hoax

    Poonam PandeyAfter threatening to strip if India won the World Cup and disappearing when the actual moment arrived, Poonam Pandey has done it again by delivering yet another hoax. Last week, she was trending all over the internet, thanks to a press release sent by her publicist. It read that Amit Saxena of Jism fame was miffed with the Bhatts; he was going his own way and making a film with Poonam Pandey in the lead. Two days ago, Amit Saxena clarified that he was not doing any project with Poonam Pandey.

    “This is appalling. Someone has jumped the gun on me. I had a couple of informal meetings with the team. I’ve not confirmed anything, so I didn’t want to comment,” said the director to a daily. However, what has gotten Saxena’s goat is how the press release insinuated a rift between the Bhatts and him. “This is rubbish and in very poor taste. The Bhatts are like my family. In fact, Mahesh is my mentor and Pooja (Bhatt) was and will always remain a dear friend,” Saxena reiterated.

    Video: ANI


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  • Why Jaya is drawing the laxman rekha in the RS

    Rekha - JayaIt must have been a twisted tabloid-obsessed mind that planned this serendipity. For no house has been big enough to accommodate both Rekha and Jaya Bhaduri. Well, we were wrong about that. It turns out that the Rajya Sabha is indeed spacious enough to have them both under the same roof. Last week, when Rekha was nominated to the Rajya Sabha, the media went into a tizzy with all sorts of speculation, the worst being whether Amitabh and Rekha will work again (they won’t, they can’t, even if he said it would depend on the ‘script’).

    Read: Amitabh says ‘yes’ to Rekha

    No sooner than this announcement was made than Mrs Bachchan formally requested that her seat in the Rajya Sabha, in which she represents the Samajwadi Party, be changed. Jaya Bhaduri has seat number 91. Rekha had been assigned seat number 99. This made Jaya Bachchan squirmy. It turned out that with this arrangement they would be too close for comfort. Mrs Bachchan therefore requested that she be moved to seat number 143, which Read More »from Why Jaya is drawing the laxman rekha in the RS
  • ‘Waqt’ the Great Leveler

    Achala SachdevShe became a household name with the chart buster “Aye mere zohra jabeen” from ‘Waqt’, sung alongside yesteryear stud Balraj Sahni. Considered one of the most romantic songs ever, her end in real time was far from romantic, bringing her closer to the tragedies of geriatrics from tinsel town who sometimes die lonely and unsung, like yesteryear vamp Nadira, for instance.

    The Peshwar-born actress made her debut with ‘Fashionable Wife’ in 1938 and had an impressive innings in tinsel town. And yet, for someone who acted in more than 250 films, having seamlessly moved on from playing sassy lead actress to grandmother type roles for Yash Chopra flicks, she was lonely by the end of her innings on Planet Earth. So much so, that she even donated her flat to a charitable institution in the hope of having a night attendant in her dying moments.

    The beginnings were indeed glorious. Almost 40 years ago, she married a British engineer named Clifford Douglas Peters, whom she was introduced to by Yash

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