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  • The Return of the Modelizer

    Gautam VoraThe arrest of Gautam Vora brings to the forefront the genre of the modelizer. So how does a modelizer differ from a Bollywood producer who uses the casting couch?

    The modelizer has always existed in Mumbai and significantly in Delhi as well. Let us not forget that our capital is what inspired 'No One Killed Jessica'. However, the modelizer in Mumbai is relatively innocuous when compared with the sleazy producer type who pulls out the casting couch as and when he gets the chance. Sleeping with an actress is a professional perquisite for the sleazy producer. Sleeping with a model is a recreational right for the modelizer. That said, a modelizer has a more genuine interest in his muse. He is a long-term investor in the world of posh and a short-term investor in his dad’s business. So while waiting for his father to die and to inherit his rightful millions, the modelizer dedicates his life to the serious pursuit of glamour, however vicarious. 

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    It all starts

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  • The Dirt in Your Mind

    Vidya in a still from The Dirty
    The irony is writ large. For a film that has won the National Award, ‘The Dirty Picture’ was blacked out from television broadcast yesterday, the government deeming it unfit for viewing during prime time. The filmmakers went through 59 cuts and two months of negotiations to get a U/A certificate that as per the law makes the film fully legit for broadcast. More importantly, a last minute cancellation means lakhs (if not crores) of advertising cash wasted going down the drain.

    So where does this fear of broadcasting something risqué come from? Ostensibly, this ban has been pushed by bureaucratic babus who believe that broadcasting the film will taint the sanctity of the home. In this age of the internet (with which the government has also been at loggerheads), pirated DVDs, MMS clips and reality television the children of a nuclear family are already atomic. It is a delusion to imagine that censorship is going to protect your children from what they really want to see. If they want to

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  • From Page 3 to Page 1: Life and Times of Simrin Sood

    Simran SoodShe is in the eye of a storm for being an accomplice in two murders in Oshiwara, in suburban Mumbai. She’s a Page 3 regular who has the likes of Raja Dhody, Parvez Damania and Jammy Jamval greeting her on her birthday. She’s also an IPL party gal who’s said to be the honey trap for shadowy match-fixing types. So who exactly is Simrin Sood?

    The precursor to her introduction to the Page 1 of national dailies starts with a Hitchcockian twang – or rather straight out of Brian de Palma’s Body Double: Arun Tiku, a 67-year-old man, was found banging the glass window of his first floor apartment in Oshiwara, begging someone to save his life.

    A neighbour, whilst parking his car into the building, noticed a man in distress and ran up with the security guard to the flat. The flat was opened by two gangsters, with blood on their feet, claiming that Mr Tiku was merely tired and resting. The security guard locked them and rushed down to call the police.
    By the time the police arrived Mr Tiku was

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  • Blood in Bollywood

    Tinsel town divas and dudettes lead fast lives. However, at times, as the recent scandals surrounding the arrest of feline-featured Page 3 regular Simrin Sood and the murder of Nepalese junior artist Meenakshi Thapa reveal, it is also a world fraught with danger. We list you three instances when tinsel town folks met rather violent deaths at the hands of someone they loved...

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    1.       Black Birthday: Producer Brij Sadanah shoots dead his family; then kills himself

    Kamal Sadanah

    It was October 21, 1990. It was producer Kamal Sadanah's 20th birthday party and he was celebrating it at his Bandra bungalow with close friends. At half past midnight, his father, producer Brij Sadanah, brought out a Smith & Wesson and shot dead his wife in the living room. Kamal Sadanah and friends came running out of his room. Then Brij Sadanah aimed the gun at his daughter and shot her too. A third bullet ripped past Kamal Sadanah's neck and the fourth he literally caught in the palm of his hand. During the Read More »from Blood in Bollywood
  • Great Singer, Terrible Actress

    Madonna’s 12th studio album, MDNA, betrays the diva’s obsession with being young and contemporary. That said, it’s also an insistence that had led to an incredibly polished product

    Rating: 8/10

    There is something to be said for Madonna’s obsession with youth: her 12th studio album is titled MDNA, a play on MDMA, the party drug that heady teenagers tend to club to, occasionally with disastrous results. Two of the twelve tracks adorning MDNA have the word ‘girl’ in it (‘Girl Gone Wild’ and ‘Some Girls’). Fortunately, it is also an obsession that sees Madonna on top of her game at 53. And being 53 also means that she’s trying doubly as hard to produce cutting-edge pop.
    Miraculously, with MDNA, the effort pays off. It locates itself on the thin line between a petulant insistence on being trendy at any cost and being a truly gobsmacking product. Those sound mixers must have cost a lot of money. Where her voice fails (it was never that great, in fact) her DJs

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