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  • BB7: Viveik Mishra makes an early exit

    Bigg Boss brings another surprise for the housemates by bringing in a mid-week eviction for the first time

    After spending merely a week inside the house, yoga instructor-cum-actor Viveik Mishra makes an early exit from the Bigg Boss house. He entered the house wanting to spread awareness about his unique style of yoga. Taking over from Sangram, he managed to conduct a few early morning sessions of yoga with the other inmates in the house. He also clarified about the image that he has outside in the real world while establishing the fact that he would never tolerate anybody speaking ill about his profession.

    His confrontation with Kushal when he caught him mocking him about his yoga and his brawl over household chores were the high points of Viveik’s stay in the House. Though he did not get enough time to get to know many people in the house, he was seen mingling with Kamya, Pratyusha and Tanisha. In his only week in the house, Viveik exposed facts about Armaan’s personal life as well.

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