• Karisma talks about 'Dangerous Ishhq'

    Karisma talks about her comeback film 'Dangerous Ishhq' and what her director learnt about his past life

    Bollywood's original 'heroine number one' Karisma Kapoor took a break from acting at the peak of her career. She embraced household life following her marriage Delhi industrialist Sanjay Kapur. While the film industry felt her void, it was swiftly filled by those actresses who had been waiting in the wing shadowed by the might Lolo, as she is fondly nicknamed as. Today as she makes her comeback in the ambitious supernatural thriller 'Dangerous Ishhq' in 3D no less, she is as excited as she was when she made her debut in 'Prem Qaidi' over two decades ago. In a suburban hotel in Mumbai, she met up with Kunal Guha to chat about why she's back and what keeps her going. She also reveals some secrets behind her eternal beauty and newly acquired body.

    Have you missed Bollywood as much as the industry has missed you? Has the industry changed much from where you left it?
    I've been in touch
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  • With ‘Agent Vinod’ managing to impress very few, we wonder if the genre has been jinxed. Find out

    There was a time when anything futuristic tickled the curious mind and offered a form and flesh to the unknown. And while the values of VFX have progressed by epic proportions, we still end up with duds like Agent Vinod, Players and Game. This brings us to question whether the concept of a thriller is to just look like one or is there a deeper reasoning to it? Lately, wearing fancy suits and skipping across the world trying to find clues to a global propaganda seems to be the ultimate recipe. Don’t believe us? Check out our reviews of the big-budget turkeys that have subscribed to this ultimate formula for failure in recent times.


    It's a Game!
    Each time Bollywood tries to ape the west, it twists its ankle and trips over a puddle of poop, face-first. And Game is such a poop-drenched, wannabe-whodunit thriller that on watching, you might want to find out who's done this movie, why and couldn't he just

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  • Single on V-day? Worry not. Let our Bollywood heroes teach you just how to floor your lady love. Go for it

    A girl is walking down a lonely street. She is soon being tailed by an eclectic mix of baddies, who could be part-time chaiwallahs but are surely full-time professional extras. Quick cuts of her feet picking up some pace and their boots thumping away purposefully. They finally grab her and she squeals enthusiastically and before you know it, another person who was trailing her path is there to her rescue. Dhishoom! Dhishoom! The baddies are on the floor and the girl is in his arms and the audience is charmed. We can hop over to the Swiss Alps for a song now. This and many others qualify as Bollywood’s fundas for patao-ing the girl of your dreams. So here are a few that we are cherry-picking for you this Valentine ’s Day.

    Domesticated and devoted

    Nothing screams one-woman man more than someone who comes across as a mumma’s boy. Now, you may argue that no self-respecting

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  • The underdog who bashes up baddies has always been a Bollywood favourite. Here's a tribute

    If there's anything more dependable than formula films, it's the formulaic characters. And Bollywood has many who we've grown to love and accept. Over decades, one variety that has survived the transformation of Hindi cinema is that of the underdog hero. From the rustic boxer who turns against a local goon in 'Ghulam' to the idealist cop who becomes a one-man army against a depraved politician in 'Singham', the underdog has been a millionaire-making idea.

    And now that the ultimate underdog superstar of Bollywood, Vijay Dinanath Chauhan returns in the remake of 'Agneepath', it is surely a good time to pay a tribute to this unexpected hero.

    So here, we try to do a character break-down of this unassuming man with uncommon strength and superhuman virtues, who saves the day each time around, leaving the actress, the audience and the distributers swooning for more.

    These are elements that make a

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  • Cause without a rebel

    Cause without a rebel

    What does Imran's plea for lowering the minimum drinking age or Abhay's concern for Irom have in common? Read on to find out.

    Whether it's squeezing cheeks of Tsunami victims or chopping ribbons at schools for the under-privileged, Bollywood stars have always stood up for what they believe in (or whatever attracts enough traction). The reasons for extending an arm to issues that bother society or affect mankind could be many. For some, it's presenting a socially conscious and responsible side to fans, for some it's the only way of getting into the dailies, but more recently, strategic self-branding just before a film release has become a popular reason.
    So, it's hardly a surprise that Imran Khan filed a PIL (a couple of weeks before his 'Delhi Belly' hits the screens) voicing the grouse of teens and those in their early 20s who would be denied alcohol following a new law. Also Abhay Deol's sudden concern for the 'Iron Lady of Manipur', Irom Chanu's hunger strike seems just the right
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  • Commitment-free sex sells

    Hollywood's revisits an age-old formula for a blockbuster, rom-coms on relationship-free sex

    Hollywood has explored every possible relationship known to man, woman and dog. Interracial, inter-species, rich and poor, woman and beast, same sex and so on. And since the nature and intensity of no two relationships is the same, films have explored everything, right from the painfully intense to the barely there. More recently, a much-evolved permutation seems to spell success: friends who've individually suffered bitter break-ups and are reduced to f***-buddies. And this platonic copulation invariable ends up with the the two realizing they can't keep their emotions (for each other) out of the bedroom and voila, we have a relationship.

    While this age-old recipe for success has been around since 'Last Tango in Paris', among recent blockbusters, 'Friends with Benefits' is as good an example as 'No Strings Attached', since they're hardly any different.

    An interesting thing about these

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  • Mika’s Dhinka Chika story

    Many would argue if Mika's would qualify as a rags-to-riches story, since his public perception is limited to his lip-lock with a certain item girl. But as the highest paid singer in Bollywood today, his 12-year-stint in the industry is surely a case study worth exploring.

    Mika began his musical career as a guitarist for his brother Daler Mahendi, who had attained legendary pop status in the 90s. His first solo album 'Sawan Mein Lag Gayi Aag' spread like wild fire from clubs to rickshaws and gave him an identity apart from being known as Daler's brother. But his debut in Bollywood happened only when he managed to convince Sanjay Gupta that gangsters can sing. Although Gupta was quite opposed to the idea, when he heard the track 'Aye Ganpat', he was only too excited to include it in "Shootout at Lokhandwala".

    Soon, there was no looking back. Every big-budget blockbuster from 'Jab We Met' to 'Singh is King' had to have a Mika song. His voice had a certain nasal twang and folk feel that

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  • How Salman found his ‘Dhinka Chika’

    Salman Khan's signature dance style has evolved from clowning about to effortless buffoonery. Here's a tribute

    A large part of what constitutes Salman Khan's 'sallugiri' are his dance moves. And adjectives from suave to street-smart have often been used to define the same. And today, as Salman gets jiggy in his latest foot tapping hit, Dhinka Chika from 'Ready', his signature style seems like an effortless celebration of idioticity. But Rome wasn't built in a day and Salman's dance steps have come a long way from when he first hit the dance floor. So from the poor man's disco dancer to the action-hero who grooves to an entire song by merely fiddling with his belt, here's a tiny tribute to the bad boy of Bollywood, Salman Khan.

    Tan Tana Tan

    Salman may be 'too cool for school' today, but this video from his past has visible streaks of a choreographed mayhem. Apart from the hip thrusts and claps, this super-hit number has steps that look laboured and tacky, even for Salman. Known for

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  • Deliciously dangerous

    Colin Farrell with fangs in Fright Night manifests the perfect recipe for a new-age blood-sucking pop thriller

    Fright Night, Colin Farrell's latest vampire-comic-thriller just released its first video trailer and we have to confess, it was love at first bite. Formulaic as it may be, a combination of humour and the right amount of uncertainty that keeps one at the edge of one's seat could just be the future of thrillers.

    Now, why does a vampire-thriller have to funny, you might ask. The answer to that is the answer to many other questions. Why does a cellphone also need to be a shaving razor or why does your TV set have to be an internet browser too etc? It's because we are a generation of people who want everything and in excess. And we're not settling for anything less than a large tub of cheese and caramel popcorn mixed in equal proportion.

    Farrell, who plays a friendly neighbourhood vampire, is also a wise cracking smart-ass who is also suave and charming. The trailer reveals how

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  • Why we love sci-fi?

    Sci-fi films have always had an appeal among all. Find out why and our pick of the best in the genre this year

    Science fiction as a term would be the perfect oxymoron. Science stands for logic and facts, while fiction is a figment of one's mind and is limited only by ones imagination. And the delicious combination of the two gives us this genre in cinema that tickles our craving for the unknown and presents the same in the most magnificent form imaginable. So it's a bit like playing God. Creating creatures, alien forms, blurring the line between science and magic and helping realize our every fantasy.

    So when the blue-skinned- sub-human Na'vi species enchant us with their wide-eyes and astounding abilities, we fall for it instantly. It's because we want to believe in things that cannot be proven outside the cinema hall. We want to escape into a world where extinct species secretly exist. This stretches the landscape of our mind and takes us on a journey that is scripted with the

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