Deliciously dangerous

Colin Farrell with fangs in Fright Night manifests the perfect recipe for a new-age blood-sucking pop thriller

Fright Night, Colin Farrell's latest vampire-comic-thriller just released its first video trailer and we have to confess, it was love at first bite. Formulaic as it may be, a combination of humour and the right amount of uncertainty that keeps one at the edge of one's seat could just be the future of thrillers.

Now, why does a vampire-thriller have to funny, you might ask. The answer to that is the answer to many other questions. Why does a cellphone also need to be a shaving razor or why does your TV set have to be an internet browser too etc? It's because we are a generation of people who want everything and in excess. And we're not settling for anything less than a large tub of cheese and caramel popcorn mixed in equal proportion.

Farrell, who plays a friendly neighbourhood vampire, is also a wise cracking smart-ass who is also suave and charming. The trailer reveals how teens from the local high school go (not-so-mysteriously) missing as all fingers are pointed at Farrell who only smirks sheepishly exposing his fangs. The humour ranges from dark to cocky as the film's lead Charley (Anton Yelchin) decides to snoop around and investigate the many disappearances resulting in a chilling rollercoaster adventure.

Adapted from the 1985 Tom Holland movie of the same name, this one is surely an ultimate bite for survival movie. Fright Night will appeal to movie junkies with an appetite for blood-thirsty-vampire flicks and even to those who appreciate dark humour. A deliciously dangerous offering indeed!