Why we love sci-fi?

Sci-fi films have always had an appeal among all. Find out why and our pick of the best in the genre this year

Science fiction as a term would be the perfect oxymoron. Science stands for logic and facts, while fiction is a figment of one's mind and is limited only by ones imagination. And the delicious combination of the two gives us this genre in cinema that tickles our craving for the unknown and presents the same in the most magnificent form imaginable. So it's a bit like playing God. Creating creatures, alien forms, blurring the line between science and magic and helping realize our every fantasy.

So when the blue-skinned- sub-human Na'vi species enchant us with their wide-eyes and astounding abilities, we fall for it instantly. It's because we want to believe in things that cannot be proven outside the cinema hall. We want to escape into a world where extinct species secretly exist. This stretches the landscape of our mind and takes us on a journey that is scripted with the ideology of 'what-ifs' and 'why-nots'.

So apart from saluting this fantastic segment of cinema, let's draw up a list of upcoming sci-fi films you don't want to miss.

X-Men: First Class (Releasing on 3 June 2011)

Captain America: The First Avenger (Releasing on 29 July 2011)

Green Lantern (Releasing on 17 June 2011)

Cowboys and Aliens (Releasing on 19 August 2011)

Super 8 (Releasing on June 2011)

Priest (Releasing on13 May 2011)

Transformers: Dark of the Moon (Releasing on 1 July 2011)

Real Steel (Releasing on 7 October 2011)