Why Saif Ali Khan should never grow up

The united colours of Saif Ali Khan
While A K Hangal would beg to differ, no actor would want to be typecast in Bollywood. Most may argue that it limits their creative potential to perform varied roles, it actually means that it restricts them to only a few films. But for some, holding on to a forced image is the only way to go. And the trailer of ‘Cocktail’ suggests that Saif Ali Khan is one such person. He may be branded as nasty Nawab in real life but on the big screen he has been canned as a ‘boy-next-door’ who’s always up for some good ol’ slam-bam-thank-you-maam. And this is a character hasn’t evolved much over time. From ‘Dil Chahta Hai’ to ‘Hum Tum’ to ‘Love Aaj Kal’, Saif has mastered the commitment-phobic young adult and his rehearsed goofiness ensures box office dhamakas.  So why exactly should he grow up and grow out of this typecast? Here are reasons why Saif should stick to playing the same role in every film?

The commitment phobic

Saif in 'Kal Ho Na Ho'
Saif’s fans (most of them atleast) love him for the adorable indecisive clown who is relationship-phobic and refuses to accept any form of responsibility. So why upset them by playing anything else? Haven’t we seen what happened when Shah Rukh Khan tried to play a video game superhero?

One in the arm, many in the bush
Saif greets his fans while promoting his film 'Agent Vinod'
The ladies love Saif only as much as he loves them back, atleast in his movies. This is an image that rocks for every diehard Saif fan. After all, a man who can charm plenty has to be, apart from everything else, a whole lot charming. This probably has something to do with the fact that Saif’s many onscreen avatars (which are like each other) have all respected and revered womankind, even when they were irresponsible, clueless brats with little care for anything in life. So the point being, when you can charm one and all to break box office records, charm on!

Seriously irresponsible

Saif Ali Khan
Saif’s success as an irresponsible flirt wouldn’t be complete if it wasn’t for his sense of humour. Every character he’s played (even when he played a RAW agent) has had a not-so-subtle humourous edge to it. His ability to say a lot and mean very little has produced rib-ticking scenes that have gone into Bollywood’s hall of fame. So why be an intense bore when you entertain one and all by making a complete and utter fool of yourself?

Happily ever after
Saif in 'Love Aaj Kal'
Even if some don’t admit it, every woman wants her favourite hero to eventually settle down in his films. And that Saif can do very well. After being young and flirty and irresponsible, Saif always graduates to becoming someone who a girl can image settling down with. Someone who is willing to indulge in sweet nothings that mean a whole lot of something for every girl. In short, Saif is an expert in playing characters that girls would want to take home to meet their parents. Rich, talented, funny, dependable etc could be the character traits that get him there. So why play a slumdog gangster when you can sway around in Swiss alps under sweaters to romantic numbers?

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