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Career Options in Automobile Industry

The Indian automobile industry has been on top gear ever since the complete de-licensing in 1991. Even when the global auto industry went into reverse gear in 2009, the Indian industry bucked the trend and is expected to become the world's third largest automobile market by 2030.

In India, automobile jobs have been a catalyst of major employment for quite sometime. It is one or the main sectors to provide jobs to qualified people in manufacturing industries, production plants, service centres, govt transport corporations, private transport companies, insurance companies, motor vehicle departments and so on. Globalisation and robust growth of auto industry have resulted in abundant opportunities for automobile engineers abroad, too. Well, like any other organisation, automobile sector also offers plenty of employment opportunities including even receptionists and office boys. We're not going to discuss all that junk here, but some of the leading and promising careers in the industry that ensure dignity and bright future.

Automobile Engineers are mainly classified into three streams like Product or Design Engineers, Development Engineers and Manufacturing Engineers. Product Engineers or Design Engineers are those who deal with the designing and testing of the components and systems of automobiles. Manufacturing Engineers deal with activities like how to create and assemble the whole parts of automobiles while development engineers are responsible for connecting all systems in a completed automobile. Automobile engineering calls for specialised training, a lot of hard work, dedication, determination and commitment.

Eligibility and Course Area | Here's a list of colleges that offer Automobile engineering

Designer — Automotive designers handle the visual appearance or aesthetics of vehicles and contribute to the creation of concepts for vehicles. Automotive designers create exterior designs, interior designs, as well as color and trim designs of vehicles. The best institute that offers courses on par with international institutes in the west is the one by leading designer Dilip Chhabria.

Other institutes | How to Start a Career in Automotive Design

Officer-Accounts — If absorbed in this role in an automobile company, you will be required to prepare financial statements, MIS reports, profitability statement etc. You may also need to coordinate with consultants, bankers and statutory auditors.

Sales Executive — If you are interested in corporate sales and retail sales, you can opt for the role of a Sales Executive.

Management Trainee — Candidates in this role are required to create new business concepts.

Corporate communication — Corporate communicators and PR executives research, write, plan, edit, design, and implement everything from strategic communications plans, to employee newsletters. They create communications strategies that influence employee attitudes, shift stockholders' opinions and tell the company's or a new product's story to the media. | Top communication institutes in India

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