Is Aamir over-doing his perfection?

The actor’s constant interference during the making of the TVC commercial has the brand fuming

Aamir Khan can most certainly be called as the Brand King when it comes to endorsement deals. He has left the other Khans way behind in the brand world by reportedly charging a whopping Rs. 88 crores to endorse eight products across a well-known consumer products group. But sources claim that all is not well in the deal.

The well-known brand who products Aamir is endorsing is quite unhappy about Aamir’s attitude and his interference. Though getting a big star like him hasn’t much changed their sales much, his unavailability during the scheduled promotional activities or the press conferences till date has the brand miffed. No only that, sources told Zoom TV recently that Aamir’s constant interference during the making of the TVC has taken the focus away from the products and the TVC has turned out to be completely Aamir centric.

Furthermore, according to sources close to the star, Aamir is of the opinion that the endorsement deal did not include any promotional activities. So will the brand terminate the contract? Watch this space for more gossip.