Nauheed’s Must-Have Accessories

Nauheed Cyrusi
Style Factor
6 February 2013

Film and Television personality Nauheed Cyrusi has joined the Style Factor family! She'll bring you the latest from the world of style and fashion via the Style Factor webisodes and her blog.

Well although I may seem as a girlie girl, I'm not quite one! I'm quite the tomboy if you ask, but with a quirky, girly edge to me and it reflects in my choice of essential accessories!

So let me start by saying I think one must-have accessory are silver hoops. I in fact wear only one in my left ear as my style statement. But I think hoops essentially are dressy yet casual and definitely go with any kind of outfit. Also, they add a touch to your entire look, so while others may opt for diamonds and rubies, I'm good with my good old big silver hoops.

My second must-have accessory has to be sun glasses, well for one, because in the day they protect you from the harsh sun, but also can be played around with, in funky colours and shapes. And most importantly if you haven't slept well the night before, they cover up your eyes and so no one can really tell how hung over you are.

Which brings me to my third must-have accessory - a nice handy bag big enough to fit the things you need when you step out. Also play around with the shapes and colours… but for me the size matters and I always opt for a big bag, just so I never run out of space.

Another really interesting piece of accessory which comes in handy a lot are collar necklaces or chokers, as they so easily make a drab, plain dress into something utterly magical. So I say get your hands on a collar necklace ASAP!

And lastly, I love my tablet and carry it literally everywhere I go and so a real cool cover to your tab or cellphone, according to me is also a must-have. I’ve personally blinged up my tab cover, and its real simple and easy to do. So a real cool tab or a phone cover along with the piece itself is also a must-have accessory for me as it definitely helps you stay connected!!!

That's it from me today! Write in and tell me about some of your must-haves.

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