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  • Priyadarshan's TezzAfter remaking popular Malayalam films, Priyadarshan has now taken to very ineptly adapting Hollywood thrillers. His latest offering is the Keanu Reeves-Sandra Bullock starrer 'Speed', with a slight difference in the choice of the vehicle and devoid of any logic. Why else would the London Police wait for almost 10 hours for the bomber to call them and tell them how to disarm a bomb before they even start to think of an alternative? I mean if they couldn't think of it on their own, you would have expected at least one of them to have watched the 'Speed' on television considering the number of repeat runs it has had on STAR Movies.
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    Ajay as Aakash
    It is quite obvious that Ajay Devgn is completely unconvinced about the part he is playing. I mean which illegal immigrant would actually think or manage to get sympathizers when he decides to plant bombs on a passenger train to avenge his deportation? No one, unless of course the antagonist suffers from a psychiatric Read More »from Review: Tezz
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    Bollywood has been historically weary of taboo subjects, whether it's sex, adultery or infertility. The only other recent film that actually made an attempt to handle a taboo subject like infertility was Meghna Gulzar's 'Filhal' where surrogacy and related complications between childhood friends (Tabu and Sushmita) was the main premise. Well, there was also Abbas-Mustan's 'Chori Chori Chupke Chupke' but let's not go there, considering it takes the concept of surrogate birth to a completely different level. Shoojit Sircar's 'Vicky Donor' attempts to explore male infertility which is a bigger taboo in a patriarchal society like ours.

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    Dr Chaddha convincing Vicky
    Humour as a storytelling device is the only way to approach a subject as sensitive as male infertility. The film's USP is its complete irreverence to this topic and Dr Chaddha's (Anu Kapoor) business-like manner of looking for an eligible sperm donor. His shady clinic in Lajpat Nagar (New Delhi) is Read More »from Review: Vicky Donor
  • A still from Vicky Donor
    Cast: Ayushman Khurana, Yami Gautam, Anu Kapoor

    Directed by Shoojit Sircar

    Rating: ***

    Movies that try to cleanse socially disreputable professions tend to get preachy and subsequently boring. But donating one’s seed to enable the seedless garden a happy family is a cause that cannot be covered in a classroom. So director Shoojit Sircar takes us to downtown old Delhi where we breeze through this hilarious adventure that ends in just 122 minutes, leaving you craving for more. While the very mention of sperm donation makes many cringe, this film manages to make the noble deed seem respectable without compromising on the hilarity that one associates with the process of donation. 

    We open to a good ol’ Punjabi family who are as loud as they are adorable. The donor in the title is Vicky (Ayushman Khurana), a Punjabi munda who is yet to find his calling and is housed along with his perennially fretting mother and his grandmum who is only referred to as ‘biji’ (and who is too

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  • Slideshow: Bittoo BossIndian (especially, North Indian) weddings always make a colourful canvas for Hindi films. Supavitra Babul has the most popular Bollywood theme at his disposal but he fails to exploit it. The film is off to a promising start but the second half is a complete drag.

    Bittoo (Pulkit Samrat) is a "v.d.o. shooter" whose wedding videos are very popular in his town. He believes in not only capturing motion but also the real emotions of his clients. The brash Bittoo falls for Mrinalini (Amita Pathak) at a wedding, who predictably reciprocates his feeling immediately after very rudely rejecting him. However, his job is clearly not enough to make a living, so she very bluntly tries to drive home the point on their very first date. Bittoo is quite obviously insulted and is out to prove himself by hook or by crook.

    In his quest to become rich, he decides to make a quick transition from wedding to honeymoon videos. Sex is obviously a more profitable business proposition than capturing happiness.

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  • Bittoo Boss
    Cast: Pulkit Samrat, Amrita Pathak

    Directed by Supavitra Babul

    Rating: *

    While Ranveer Singh’s Bittoo (Band Baaja Baaraat) set the mould for Punjabi jats with Bollywood dreams to chuck their diction classes and mouth desi-speak, this Bittoo doesn’t manage to perfect the imperfections required. Or you could say that his crudeness and misplaced machismo seems scripted and rehearsed and his stubble- meticulously parlour-ed. So for those comparing this film to Ranveer’s debut dhamaka, don’t. That one had substance, a story and well, Anushka Sharma.

    Dance like a videographer

    The Bittoo (Pulkit Samrat) in the title is a wedding videographer or a ‘VDO shooter’ as his festive business card reads. His kalakaari with the camera is world famous in a small town in Punjab and no shaadi worth its genda phool lifts a finger before he arrives. Why? Because his cinematic genius has the ability to transform a Katto into a Katrina. And that he does, just like a director carefully framing his shots, orchestrating the

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  • Housefull 2Housefull 2
    The only way to fairly judge a film like 'Housefull 2' is to compare the film with Sajid Khan's previous works. Expecting anything different, like smarter gags, better humour or a coherent narrative will very obviously leave you overtly disappointed. Anupama Chopra says in her review:

    Housefull 2 has exactly the same mix of stars, foreign locations, farcical plot and spectacularly dim-witted comedy as the first Housefull.  This is the cinematic equivalent of junk food - when you walk in, you know exactly what you're going to get.

    I guess that is the best defense the 'Housefull 2' team can think of, Chopra adds:

    But then the Housefull crew never promised us story, performances, characters, craft. In an interview to,  Akshay Kumar said that the film has 'love, letch and lots of adventure.' If that's what you look for in the movies, by all means venture in.

    If you are looking for plot and narrative, then Gaurav Malani is right to point out:

    Ah, coming to the storyline

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  • Housefull funIf you like Sajid Khan's style of comedy you will not complain too much about 'Housefull 2'. It's the tried and tested Bollywood formula, complete with skimpily clad women, brawny men (read, John and Akshay), dollops of slapstick humour, a hot item girl, fight sequences where John can show off his muscles and Akshay can display his martial art skills and lots of mindless banter.

    The plot is simple enough: the fathers are searching for rich and eligible son-in-laws for their daughters. The daughters easily fall for the suitable and wealthy boys after some initial reluctance. The boys are impostors and all of them have hidden agendas. If you are not quite confused yet, the 'dirty' dozen end up in the same house creating more confusion as they try to resolve the mess they have created.

    Video: Newzstreet

    Akshay has acted in so many of them that he has become a pro in handling such foolish comedies. John, Riteish and Shreyas too have previously had their share of slapstick humour. As a

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  • 1/3rd of the dirty dozen

    Cast: Akshay Kumar, Asin Thottumkal, John Abraham, Jacqueline Fernandez, Riteish Deshmukh, Zarine Khan, Shreyas Talpade, Shazahn Padamsee, Mithun Chakraborty, Rishi Kapoor, Randhir Kapoor, Boman Irani

    Directed by Sajid Khan

    Rating: *

    Comedy fueled by confusion yields very little. And in Bollywood, this leads to people repeating their punch lines, screaming while spitting with expressions more animated than the next Pixar production. Here we have a house full of just this. The success factors are the usual: foreign locations, a minimum of two top stars (John-Akshay) and a maximum of two average stars to make the top stars feel more significant (Shreyas-Riteish). Then there has to be unaccountable opulence (since the audience wants to escape from their middle-class drudgery), dhishooming at the ratio of 30:1, naach-gaana by the united blues of Thailand and so on.

    Something the script writer deserves, if this film had one

    The above image is a good example of what one can expect as an excuse for humour in this film. People

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  • Review: 3

    Dhanush and Shruti in 3I am not a Tamil film buff but I wanted to watch '3', just to see if the film would live up to even half the hype that 'Kolaveri di' managed to create. That said I know that we should judge a film on its own merit and not on the basis of a fun (soup) song that went viral. Even on its own, it's very clear that Aishwarya had no idea whether she wanted to make a romantic film or a tragedy at the onset.

    The film's first half is an endearing love story, where teenagers Ram (Dhanush) and Janani (Shruti) fall in love with each other. It's actually amazing how convincing 28-year-old Dhanush is as a schoolboy. The love story holds the film together in the first half as their love blossoms and they decide to marry despite familial opposition. There's an element of suspense that underlines the first half when you realize that Ram is dead and Janani has no idea what happened.

    Video: NDTV

    However, the second half is a long drawn saga with no romance, no suspense, no redeeming element whatsoever. Read More »from Review: 3
  • 'I wish you were this large'
    Cast: Kunal Kemu, Amrita Puri

    Directed by Vishal Mahadkar

    Rating: 0.25 *

    Two images spring to mind looking at the above photograph: SRK and the movie ‘Titanic’. And while anyone who stretches his arms isn’t SRK, this film has a lot in common with a sinking ship. The title and the promos may suggest a crummy mix of ‘Wall Street’ and ‘Blood Diamond’ but it’s largely a snore fest often interrupted by a jolting background score. So let’s make this review a little less painful and attempt a graphic novel approach.

    Soul sisters?
    This annoyingly chirpy couple lands up in Cape Town, SA where the husband has nailed a top job with the prestigious Trinity Diamonds. For those can’t tell the husband from the wife in the above picture, Kunal (Kunal Khemu) is the one on the right along with his wife Arzoo (Amrita Puri). The two are densely in love and spend quality time narrating fairy tales to each other (Arzoo actually takes us through the unedited version of Hansel and Gretel!).

    If we can charter a flight, can’t we afford suits that fit us?
    Now for the ignorant, selling

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