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Review: Agent Vinod

Saif Ali Khan in Agent VinodIt amazes me how filmmakers think that stylized and slick production qualities give them the license to toss the script and logic out of the window. Big banner productions that go all out to publicize their films often turn out to be box office duds but Sriram Raghavan and Saif Ali Khan had successfully collaborated on 'Ek Hasina Thi' earlier. In fact the first 30-45 minutes looked really promising but post interval the film turns out to be a most tedious watch.

The film is about a fearless RAW agent (Saif Ali Khan) who is investigating his colleague's (Ravi Kishen) death and stumbles upon a terror plot which will kill millions in India. While he's racing against time to find the bomb and the perpetrators of the crime, he comes across the mysterious Dr Ruby (Kareena Kapoor). Is Ruby a victim, a spy or is she working in connivance with the criminals?

Saif gets the physique and the body language right but what about the script? Was it just narcissism, that the plot gets stretched beyond rational so that we can see Saif cover the whole gamut of chases, from bike, to car, to chopper?

Kareena looks out of sorts and confused, the only place where she is in her elements is in the logic-defying 'mujra' number. They are trying to merge with the crowd and be inconspicuous, and suddenly Ruby, who is on the run, decides to take centrestage and show-off her cleavage and 'jhatkas'.

If it was a film that didn't take itself too seriously it would still be acceptable but this one vacillates between some really well-executed sequences to some ludicrous instances. The love angle is completely incongruous and feels like it has been thrown in as an afterthought. Like someone rightly said the best part of the film is the 'Pyar ki pungi' song which comes after a three-hour ordeal.

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