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Review: Bittoo Boss

Slideshow: Bittoo BossIndian (especially, North Indian) weddings always make a colourful canvas for Hindi films. Supavitra Babul has the most popular Bollywood theme at his disposal but he fails to exploit it. The film is off to a promising start but the second half is a complete drag.

Bittoo (Pulkit Samrat) is a "v.d.o. shooter" whose wedding videos are very popular in his town. He believes in not only capturing motion but also the real emotions of his clients. The brash Bittoo falls for Mrinalini (Amita Pathak) at a wedding, who predictably reciprocates his feeling immediately after very rudely rejecting him. However, his job is clearly not enough to make a living, so she very bluntly tries to drive home the point on their very first date. Bittoo is quite obviously insulted and is out to prove himself by hook or by crook.

In his quest to become rich, he decides to make a quick transition from wedding to honeymoon videos. Sex is obviously a more profitable business proposition than capturing happiness. However, after an initial setback when he gets a real chance to execute his new plan, his conscience prevails. And just when you thought your ordeal will end, a brand new totally unnecessary twist prolongs your suffering.

Pulkit Samrat definitely shows promise, he has the same brazen allure that Ranveer Singh had in 'Band Baaja Baarat'. The female lead Amita Pathak neither has the looks nor any acting skills to make a good first impression. There are a few cameos that are funny but definitely not memorable.

There were quite a few elements that could have worked but the director had definitely not thought out the plot trajectory at the onset and therefore, it just steers completely out of control after a point. Watch it if you have to, only for Pulkit Samrat.

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