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Review: Dum Maaro Dum

Dum Maaro DumRohan Sippy's 'Dum Maaro Dum' is high on the style quotient- new editing techniques, original transitions, smart dissolve effects, the overall production quality is great. While the packaging is slick, the thriller starts well but fails to maintain the momentum.

Simplistically the plot revolves around the drug racket in Goa and ACP Vishnu Kamath (Abhishek Bachchan) is sent to clean-up the mess. But there are other layers that unfold as the story progresses — every character has a troubled past and its interesting how each of them inadvertently become an integral part of the narrative. None of the characters are a mere prop in the story but are inextricably linked to the plot and to each other.

Prateik plays Lorry, a good student who wants to go to the U.S. to pursue higher studies. When his girlfriend gets the visa and he fails to get funding for his education abroad, Lorry gets desperate. He takes a shortcut to go abroad but life takes an unexpected turn and veers out of control. Prateik appears naturally flustered and essays the role with genuine vulnerability.

Vishnu Kamath is a man with a troubled past and is a ruthless cop looking for redemption. This might be one of the better performances by Abhishek in recent times but his portrayal still lacks the intensity that the character demands. Zoe (Bipasha) aspires to make it big but life has different plans for her. Bipasha manages to do her little part with ease. The real discovery however is Telugu star, Rana Daggubati who makes his Hindi film debut. His raw intensity and inner turmoil add depth to his character, the restless and conflicted local musician DJ Joki.

The director saves Deepika's item number for the last but as was evident from the promos, it doesn't really deliver the oomph factor. Rohan Sippy creates the right canvas, but fails to keep his promise of producing an "edgy thriller". The climax definitely disappoints.

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