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Review: Housefull 2

Housefull funIf you like Sajid Khan's style of comedy you will not complain too much about 'Housefull 2'. It's the tried and tested Bollywood formula, complete with skimpily clad women, brawny men (read, John and Akshay), dollops of slapstick humour, a hot item girl, fight sequences where John can show off his muscles and Akshay can display his martial art skills and lots of mindless banter.

The plot is simple enough: the fathers are searching for rich and eligible son-in-laws for their daughters. The daughters easily fall for the suitable and wealthy boys after some initial reluctance. The boys are impostors and all of them have hidden agendas. If you are not quite confused yet, the 'dirty' dozen end up in the same house creating more confusion as they try to resolve the mess they have created.

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Akshay has acted in so many of them that he has become a pro in handling such foolish comedies. John, Riteish and Shreyas too have previously had their share of slapstick humour. As a result, they all do their part mechanically and effortlessly. The girls (Asin, Jacqueline, Zarine and Shazahn) work well as good-looking props, who have very little to do and say. Fatrina (I mean Zarine) had said in a recent interview that she had worked very hard to shed the extra flab but all the extra effort seems to have had a very marginal effect on our voluptuous babe.

To give Sajid his due, I would say this is the by far the best of what he has offered us thus far. You actually manage a few laughs without cringing at sexual innuendos or gay jokes. The good thing about this film is neither the filmmakers nor the actors seem to take themselves seriously; they know they are producing a puerile comedy and they are completely unapologetic about it.

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