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Y! Meta Review: Jodi Breakers

Madhavan and Bipasha in 'Jodi Breakers''Jodi Breakers' could have been a fun film but the execution is bad. Ashwini Chaudhary gets the various elements in place but the bungled treatment makes the film a tedious watch.

Avijit Ghosh in his review points out:

At first glance, Jodi Breakers has a lot going for it: an unusual and interesting lead pair, fabulous outdoor location (Greece, in this case) and foot-stomping music. But the movie is let down by a script that lacks fizz and connect. Director Ashwini Chaudhary's venture begins as a comedy but gradually morphs into romance and loses momentum in the second half. Not even Helen can perk things up. Romance as remorse doesn't work here.

For a romantic comedy, most of the humour in the film is pretty inane. There is Omi Vaidya's Kamdev scene, which works to a certain extent but his accent is not as amusing as before. Like Piyali Dasgupta writes in her review, it's the supporting characters that provide some relief:

Some form of reprieve to see Milind Soman and Dipanita Sharma on screen. Milind Soman looks good (despite that mysterious Tintin-type tuft he sports in this film). So does Dipanita Sharma and they both do the best possible under excruciating circumstances (read juvenile dialogues, lame scenes and hackneyed situations).


Madhavan seems to be sleepwalking through the film and like Kaveree Bamzai rightly points out, why wouldn't a good actor care a little about his weight or at least wear clothes that can camouflage the extra kilos? Bamzai also says "there's too much philosophizing about romance":

Which is a pity. Bipasha has never looked so radiant and her acting has never been as spontaneous. The break-up seems to suit her. Madhavan is one of our most talented actors. Omi Vaidya really has to find a new gag for himself. Avoid. Watch the Oscar nominees instead. I recommend The Artist. Uggie, the dog, will break your heart. In the best possible way.

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