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  • Salman — Katrina: Salman had a terrible track record with his earlier ex-girlfriends but he seems to be behaving more mature this time. Post their break-up, Salman and Katrina have appeared together on small screen and recent reports seem to suggest that the two will soon be doing a movie together.

    Ranbir — Deepika: The Ranbir and Deepika split created a lot of buzz but all that seems to be a thing of the past now. Both of them have said that they have no issues working with each other again. So while the relationship might have broken hearts, their professional equation remains the same.

    Deepika RanbirDeepika Ranbir

    Photos:  The men in Deepika's life

    Preity — Ness: While the post break-up phase was kind of awkward between Preity and Ness Wadia, IPL 4 seems to have brought them close again. The ex-lovers and current business partners have been spotted partying together and with mutual friends, they seemed quite comfortable with each other since this season began.

    Bipasha — Dino: Bipasha and Dino even after

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  • Deepika warns Mallya Jr

    Well, when Ranbir and Deepika split, there were rumours that she was very possessive about him and that eventually led to them calling it quits. Is Deepika repeating the same mistake again? While she might have decided to keep her relationship status with Siddharth Mallya under wraps but that's not stopping her from being insecure about him.

    Check this video to find out if Mallya Jr was trying to make Deepika jealous or is Deepika being clingy?

    You can also read about their very public kiss here.

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  • We have heard constant denials from them. Deepika has maintained that what she shares with Mallya Jr is nothing but a very close friendship. While they are always seen at social events together and Deepika is present at every IPL match to cheer the Royal Challengers Bangalore, they refuse to acknowledge that they are a couple. The very public lip-lock however seems to tell a very different story.

    Check the video:

    Does this mean that while they maintain the 'no comments' stance on their relationship, they have actually sealed it with a kiss? Or was it just a spontaneous show of affection?

    Tell us what you think?

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  • They always try to keep it secret but it's almost impossible to hide a celebrity love-story, especially if a cricketer and someone from Bollywood are involved. Rumour has it that Irfan Pathan is dating VJ-actor, Anusha Dandekar and the two want no unnecessary publicity.

    Read the complete report here.

    Reports also suggest that Anusha recently flew down to Irfan's hometown to meet him. However, Irfan is busy working hard on his form and trying to make it back to the Indian cricket team.

    Will this relationship last? Tell us what you think.

    Want to know more about Anusha, here are the details.

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  • Will ‘Dum Maaro Dum’ be Abhishek’s silver lining?

    Abhishek Bachchan
    'Dum Maaro Dum' has managed to create a lot of pre-release buzz. First it was the remake of the cult song — 'Dum Maaro Dum'; later the people of Goa were upset with the filmmakers for allegedly portraying them negatively, thankfully that has been put to rest before the film's release this Friday. The essential question however is whether the film will live up to the hype? And more specifically- will this film finally break Abhishek's jinx?

    While at a recent press conference Abhishek appeared quite defensive, the Indian Express article says, "Moot the topic of his string of flops and a negative article in a certain national magazine and the actor retorts, "it does have a huge effect" it kills the confidence, it's embarrassing and degrading, but it makes me strike back too. Also, every five years some magazine or the other writes off a star, before me, they did the same to Hrithik Roshan, and we prove them wrong all the time."

    Well, if he's preparing to strike back, it will be a

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  • Bengali filmA little independent Bengali film is creating a lot of buzz - five sold-out screenings at the 61st Berlinale in February this year, a successful screening at the Slamdance festival in Utah before that and the director has been invited to more than 30 international film festivals.

    The subject is compelling- a story of petty crime, angry rap music and explicit sex and a film that has prolonged sex scenes and full-frontal nudity. Even the name of the director is intriguing, 'Q' - the director has adopted this letter as his identity.

    Q explains, " the film was born from a sense of despair. It arrived in the form of words, out of anger, and a sense of desperation and hopelessness. That is exactly how one feels if the desire is to tell stories, unhinged and unashamed, for that's how stories should be told."

    The complete article further states, "So he felt that the story of "Gandu," inspired and informed by real events and real characters, lent itself to a visual and aural experience that

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  • Who is the hottest item girl?Item numbers were once only for vamps or the villain's arm-candy but no more. Bollywood's top actors are now ready to sizzle and make their mark as the 'hottest' item girl. Check out our top picks:

    Aishwarya's dance moves have always been talked about but her 'Kajra re' item number with Big B and Abhishek had the nation grooving along.

    Bipasha's dance numbers in 'Omkara' had the country dancing to her moves and her role as the sizzling village belle was much appreciated.

    Three years after her superhit item number 'Honth Rasile' in 'Welcome', Malaika Arora put on her dancing shoes for husband Arbaaz Khan's debut production 'Dabangg'. Not only was the song a superhit, it also entered the Guinness Book of World Record in Melbourne.

    Katrina's 'Sheila' was pitched against Malaika's 'Munni' and while the debate is still on about which one is the better song, Kat surely did scorch onscreen in this one.

    After her sultry moves in 'Maiya maiya', Mallika's 'Razia' was supposed to challenge

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  • Kareena’s Wardrobe Malfunction- Worth a Story?

    kareena_1908_600x335kareena_1908_600x335A slideshow on Kareena's wardrobe malfunction (if you can really call it that) — is it actually worth a news story? Given that it's a Bollywood scoop, it's trivialization like this that gives journalism a bad name.

    Since the twenty-hour news channels became the primary source of news propagation, it has been at the receiving end of a lot of criticism. When Peepli [Live] took potshots at the media, everyone including journalists nodded in unison. Some in the media also said that Peepli left them feeling exposed and vulnerable.

    While I too had a hearty laugh watching Kumar Deepak's live reporting on the big screen, at the risk of being called the devil's advocate, I do feel that the media gets a raw deal very often. Whether it is sting operations on corrupt politicians or riot reportage, journalists are blamed for being insensitive, even provocative. Like Rajdeep Sardesai once said, "Bottom line: if you can't shoot the message, at least make sure you shoot the messenger."

    Media activism

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  • Why NRIs Love Bollywood

    My Name is KhanThe universal appeal of Bollywood is quite evident. War correspondent Jason Burke said, "It seemed that the greatest bulwark against the resurgent Taliban was not the US-led 'Operation Mountain Thrust' but the extraordinary popularity of Bollywood soundtracks." During his stint in Afghanistan, he recalled the frustration of the Afghan fighters in Tora Bora when their shortwave radios tuned into "the drums and the flutes of local traditional music" and their complete "joy if they found Bollywood soundtracks".
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  • Bollywood, Drugs and Violence

    Bollywood, Drugs and Violence

    Fame and glamour are a heady mix and there are very few who manage to remain grounded despite the high they offer. Bollywood has sometimes been in the news for all the wrong reasons and some of our reel heroes have been in the news for their aberrant behaviour in real life.


    Bollywood's bad boys have had their share of run-ins with the law; be it drugs, alcohol or a history ofviolent relationship with women, our stars have often fallen from grace. While the media hype around these cases claims to uncover Bollywood's dark underbelly and the law plays a merely farcical role, the bigger question that needs to be addressed is the lack of any remedial approach to deal with such recklessness.

    Lindsay LohanLindsay Lohan was headed back to "jail" almost immediately after her release. After spending 13 days of her 3-month sentence, Lindsay Lohan was expected to report to a rehab clinic within 24 hours to start her 90-day programme as ordered by the court.

    Charlie SheenCharlie Sheen, one of the highest paid actors on

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