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    Outside, it was cloudy. The child in the window-frame gazed on, wonder-struck, relishing the summer drizzle. Leaves and droplets were all he saw. This helped him scribble down his maiden two-liner. Starting out that day as a seven year old, he found himself on a trip leading him, years later, to the first Indian Nobel Prize. (It's 'stolen' by now!)

    Interestingly, the iconic "jol porey, paata norey.." of our toddler days, had another line (authorship un-specified) attached to it. Rhymed together it became : "Jol porey, pata norey / pagla haati-r matha norey" and stayed on. Sounds innocent, but it's really tough to translate. Still, an attempt...

    Pitter-patter, on shivering leaves,                                                                                                                                                                                              The mad elephant keeps nodding it's head...                                    

    Cut to > Classroom

    Cine-Studies, @JU,

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