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Great Singer, Terrible Actress

6. Main Bhi Sharon Stone: Body of Evidence (1993)

Then, post her break-up with Warren Beatty, Madonna did something that even her strongest supporters could not stand by. She did a Sharon Stone. Inspired by Basic Instinct’s massive success, Madonna did a me-too with a film starring Daniel Dafoe. A courtroom drama in which Madonna plays a wily woman accused of murder and Dafoe a defending attorney who is drawn into her carnal web, the film had an infamous sex scene in which she pours wax over Dafoe’s chest and all sorts of kinky stuff. And yet…it bombed. In fact, so invested was Madge in making a cinematic comeback with Body of Evidence that she released it as a three-pronged strategy that saw the release of her first tome, a coffee table book titled, ahem, Sex, her latest album titled Erotica, and this film, which earned her the top honours for a female performance at the 14th Golden Raspberry Awards.


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