Great Singer, Terrible Actress

9. Power Lunches With Pariahs: You’ll Never Eat Lunch in This Town Again (1988)

Oscar-winning producer Julia Phillips’s notorious autobiography, You’ll Never Eat Lunch in This Town Again, was a bitchfest from hell. It slammed all the big names in Hollywood and became one of the most controversial books to ever come out of tinsel town. It also made Julia Phillips, who battled cocaine addiction in the ‘70s and failed to make a comeback as a top-notch producer despite cleaning up her act, a social pariah. During a career nadir, the book makes a mention of Madonna and Sean Penn setting up a meeting with Julia Phillips at Morton’s, a well-established Hollywood hangout. They were hoping to make a movie with Phillips or were at least willing to talk about it. That an out-on-her-luck producer such as Julia Phillips could meet this easily with the reigning queen of pop is telling of how badly Madge wanted Hollywood to happen.


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