• If you think it's time for you to start a family and you are
    prepared for the responsibility of a new member in your life, there are a few
    other things that you should consider before you start expanding your family:

    - Before you start trying for the baby, it's always a good idea
    to go for preconception
    . Your gynaecologist is the first person you should see before
    you start planning a child. It's always a good idea to get a physical
    examination done before you start panicking if it takes time for you to

    Also, fertility
    among men and women seem to be on a rise and it's always advisable
    to get a complete health check done before you lose time wondering what's going
    wrong every month. Sometimes, small problems can be cured by simple medication.

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    against all odds

    Diet and nutrition - A
    is essential while trying to conceive. Green leafy vegetables, like
    spinach, rich in iron and calcium should be a part of your

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  • If you've watched "Aisha", irrespective of whether you liked the film or not, you would've taken one lesson home — to never play Cupid! While you might have the best intentions, here are some reasons why matchmaking is not a good idea:

    First and foremost, why exactly are you trying to match-fix? While you might be feeling smug about your "in a relationship" or "married" relationship status, some people are happy being single. Just because you think they'll be happier hooked up doesn't mean they do. Respect their decision to remain single.

    Given that there are some people who do need a little help where matters of the heart are concerned, let them find their partners on their own rather than pursue them to hook up with someone you think is right.

    No matter how well-intentioned your initiatives are, there's always a chance that you might bring two totally mismatched people together. Chances are, since you are trying to influence them to decide on your "chosen one", you might

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  • My brother-in-law who loves initiating debates on contentious issues sent a mail last week and suggested this as a blog post. If you haven't clicked on the link, it talks about how women nag husbands and the 'alarming statistics' that reveal wives actually nag husbands 8,000 minutes a year.

    Whether what they nag about is justified or not is for a later post; today, let's find out why married couples fight. And how we can avoid these sometimes nasty outbursts.

    My colleague Khristina wrote this interesting post about the things you should ask before tying the knot. While I completely agree that it is important to know what you are getting into, nothing prepares you for the shocks/surprises of married life. No matter how many questions you ask, you are never prepared enough for the roller-coaster ride called marriage.

    So here's my take on this 'wonderful' institution and all that comes with it!

    Expectations: At the risk of sounding like a pessimist, keep your expectations to the

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  • The key to a successful marriage essentially lies in understanding sex-equations. Unless you are in a same-sex marriage it is imperative to understand that opposite genders react to situations differently. If we learn to understand and acknowledge the differences and respond accordingly, we can avoid a lot of heart-burn.

    So what are the conflict zones and what are the red flags we must watch out for?

    Sex: Whether it's daily, weekly or monthly, sex is an integral part of your married life. Marriage advice always stresses on how we should never take our fights to bed, sex should never be used to settles scores in a fight. That said, we must concede that when there are unresolved issues and nagging bubbles on our mind, activity between the sheets is the last thing you will feel inclined towards. So if you don't want sex to become a weapon, make sure you resolve fights/disagreements before you head to bed.

    Time: It is important to spend quality time with each, especially these days when

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  • In today's world where gender dynamics change everyday, relationships are being redefined. There was a time when the only man/men a married woman knew outside of her husband were her brother-in-law/s but all that has changed. Men and women are increasingly meeting new people at their workplace, in social circles and at other informal interactions. How does this impact the man-woman relationship and more specifically, marriages?

    For a very long time I thought that open marriages were a totally western concept. So one lazy Sunday afternoon, I sift through this lifestyle magazine during my pedicure session and stumble upon this article on open marriages in India. Surprise, surprise! So-called taboo topics like open marriages and swingers clubs seemed to be the buzz word among urban young couples.

    View: Couples in open marriages justify their choice as a more pragmatic approach to deal with infidelityand the shock and trauma that the significant other goes through.

    Gone are the days when

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  • Bollywood has become a cultural industry that is being actively projected as the "New India". A very significant influence that Bollywood has had is the commodification or the "Bollywoodization of the Indian wedding."

    Gone are the days when ostentatious weddings were considered an embarrassment in a country where a huge section of the population was struggling for a meal a day. Weddings these days are marked by excessive expenditure and the new wedding industry has emerged complete with wedding planners who create the perfect "mise-en-scene", organize designer wardrobes, arrange for choreographed dancers and manage the wedding like a high-profile media event.

    Planning a wedding and planners who make this possible are part of the booming wedding industry. It is not merely about decorating the mandap anymore, it is whether you prefer a palace wedding to a beach wedding or would you rather head to the mountains to exchange the sacred vows. If you prefer a beach wedding, then would you

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  • If you are a year or so into your marriage, chances are that everyone is asking you, "So when are you giving us the good news?". Suddenly a decision as personal as having a child becomes everyone's concern. So much so, you might wonder how your child-bearing capabilities contribute to your mom's neighbour's happiness (you probably bump into her once a year).

    A friend of mine has been married for a while; since the couple was studying for the first two years of their married life, they decided to hold off on the planning-a-child decision. It's hardly been a year since the both of them have kind of settled into their respective jobs. The day they decided to get a car, 'well-wishers' felt it was also the right time for them to start a family. If only having a child was as simple as buying a car.

    When do we really know that it's time to plan for a baby? Here are some considerations that need to be made before you decide to become parents.

    Mentally prepared? A child is a big

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