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  • After 'Dabangg' was adjudged the Best Popular Film at this year's National Awards, many cynics started questioning the aura surrounding the coveted National Awards stating that it has started swaying the Bollywood way.

    Controversy has not been a new word surrounding the National Awards. New issues keep cropping up every other year which follows in a lot of bad blood. Here are the Top 5 National Award Controversies.

    Anupam Kher, Kirron KherTake for example, in 2000, when Kirron Kher won the award in the Best Actress category for Bengali film 'Bariwali', it was alleged that her voice for the Bengali film was dubbed by a Bengali actress, Rita Koiral whereas the producer of the film Anupam Kher had filled the nomination form claiming that its Kirron's original voice.

    Click to read about the 5 greatest National Awards controversies.

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  • She called her a 'Kali Billi' on the sets of 'Ajnabee' and her then boyfriend John Abraham 'expressionless'.
    She retorted by saying 'she has too many expressions'.

    Who are these two who seems to be fighting like they are in middle school? None other than Kareena Kapoor and Bipasha Basu.

    Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir KhanEvery other day, we get to hear a new story about how a particular actor had a spat with another particular actor and they are "now" not on talking terms with each other.

    From Bollywood superstars like Amitabh Bachchan to smaller actors like Dino Morea, they all have someway or the other been involved in very public battles with their colleagues from the Bollywood film industry.

    This following story Y! Lifestyle tells you about some of the top battles between Bollywood stars and why they are not on talking terms.

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    Have we missed any? Let us know if you have the scoop on all the juicy Bollywood battles.

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  • Bollywood is famous for trying to imitate classic Hollywood flicks into the Indian context. The end result is sometimes magical, but more often than not, it is just a confused remake that causes nothing but a massive headache to the moviegoer.

    But, I must mention some of the better remakes that I have watched. I remember watching the Will Smith starrer 'Hitch' and loving it. When it was remade into 'Partner', it might not have done well at the box office, but I certainly thought it was a good masala entertaining movie.

    Also spare a thought for 'MunnaBhai MBBS'. Now a classic Bollywood flick, it was copied from the Hollywood classic 'Patch Adams'. Both were beautiful.

    This following story from Y! Lifestyle gives you 10 'remade' movies that completely flopped, not only at the box office, but also with critics and fans alike. But, it's not just that. These are simply BAD remakes.

    READ: Top 10 Worst Bollywood Remakes

    Ek Ajnabee

    Take a look and let me know if you remember any other BAD Hollywood

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  • What is it about this super spy that has given us some of most highest grossing films in entertainment history? "Bond, James Bond" and his hot Bond girls have sent people flocking to the cinemas every time a new movie is released. But another thing that's happened since 1962, when Dr. No (the first Bond movie) was in the theatres, is that many leading men have given an identity and a face to that name; and this in turn has given us the good fortune of having "our favourite Bonds".

    Star Movies is showing a month-long tribute to this suave, spirited, and witty spy; and it's aptly called 'For the love of Bond'. And while I watch some of the most intriguing, action-packed movies ever made, I can't help but compare all the Bonds that have ever graced the silver screen, to pick and choose which one I really like the most.

    Sean Connery

    Some call him the ultimate Bond; no one can surpass him. Being the first Bond (with Dr. No in 1962), he has that advantage. Most Bonds are compared to him,

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  • Sigh. Movies. I love what the magic of the silver screen can do to you, how it can influence your life, mannerisms, even habits. And like any hopeless romantic, love, in all its forms, fascinates me. Over the years, I have watched many beautiful films with love as the main theme. And over the years, I have gotten to love a few of them, not to mention dislike a few as well.

    Here is my list of romantic (not necessarily comedies) movies a girl must watch. And if you are a guy, I guarantee you WILL score brownie points if you plan an evening with your wife/girlfriend and one of these movie DVDs.

    You've Got Mail (Trailer here)

    Forget 'Sleepless in Seattle'! This is the one you have to watch. The second time Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan got together to star in a rom-com, it was magic; THIS was magic. The simplicity in this love story is one to die for, and if you have not watched the movie yet, I will not give any spoilers. But this I must say, have you stopped 'writing' to your beloved? This will

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  • I don't know about you, but I am a huge "sobber" at the movies. So much so that, because I feel so embarrassed by my (spontaneous) behaviour, if I get an inkling that a particular movie is going to be teary, I altogether skip watching the movie in a public place.

    Check out this other self-confessed "cryer" and her story: Confession Corner: Crying at the Movies

    Okay, so we have established the fact that I am an accomplished weeper. Give me anything; a happy ending, a sad ending, a good book, God's beautiful world, a hug from dad, or even a rainy day; all these could make tears well up in the corner of my eyes. The funny thing is I know some people who weep at the movies, but are rather stoic once they emerge out of the theatre and into their daily lives. Wonder why that happens?

    While doing a bit of reading for this post, I came across this column about why people cry at the movies. The author mentions three reasons why people who are seemingly emotionless suddenly become crybabies

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  • movie_600

    A couple of evenings back, I sat in my living room on a dull Bangalore evening flipping channels, when I noticed 'As Good As It Gets' had just started on HBO (or Star Movies, I can't recall).

    Knowing it to be a classic romantic drama, I stayed put. Eventually, I got to the scene where Melvin Udall, the cranky, tough-to-have-a-decent-conversation-with writer finally goes out to dinner with Carol Connelly, and when she forces him to give her a compliment, he manages to say, "You make me want to be a better man".

    And suddenly I remembered this to be one of the most-loved movie lines ever! Bang! There was a flourish of lines that came into my head; from some of the favourite movies I have watched over the years.

    I have got a lot of complaints that I don't mention instances from Bollywood flicks; so I just wanted to reiterate, I love Bollywood, and this post will be a chance for some respite.

    So here are some of my favourite movie one-liners ever.

    "May the force be with you"

    Who can forget

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