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5 Movies That Will Make You Cry

I don't know about you, but I am a huge "sobber" at the movies. So much so that, because I feel so embarrassed by my (spontaneous) behaviour, if I get an inkling that a particular movie is going to be teary, I altogether skip watching the movie in a public place.

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Okay, so we have established the fact that I am an accomplished weeper. Give me anything; a happy ending, a sad ending, a good book, God's beautiful world, a hug from dad, or even a rainy day; all these could make tears well up in the corner of my eyes. The funny thing is I know some people who weep at the movies, but are rather stoic once they emerge out of the theatre and into their daily lives. Wonder why that happens?

While doing a bit of reading for this post, I came across this column about why people cry at the movies. The author mentions three reasons why people who are seemingly emotionless suddenly become crybabies (literally).

  1. Human Drama Unfolds Before our Eyes
  2. Emotional Magic of the Movie Musical Score
  3. Cinematography Enhances Experience

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But, I am not interested in the hows and whys of crying at the movies. I am here to tell you about 5 classic films that will surely make you reach for your tissue box. Take a look.

I don't have to talk about the plot or history of the film. The film in its entirety, the loving marriage, the unfaithfulness, the illegitimate son, the step-mother, all are perfect ingredients for a massive tear-jerker, and I was not spared. Watch the movie and know why.

This film is what inspired me to write this post in the first place. As it ran yesterday on Star Movies, I could not help but shedding a tear or two (even after an embarrassing crying session at the theatre where I watched it for the first time). There is just something about having a pet that makes a movie all the more teary; the next couple of suggestions will tell you more.

This is Walt Disney's classic offering of an unlikely friendship between adversaries. A baby fox and hound grow up together not knowing that they are supposed to be enemies. Does friendship overcome all? Watch, cry a little and find out.

I remember watching this film when it was released worldwide. The touching story of a boy and a killer whale and especially its release back into the wild is just beautiful, one of my all-time favourites. Don't miss the scene where Willy the killer whale jumps high over the boy into the open ocean, and finds its family again.

I coaxed some of my friends (in different cities) to watch it before I did, because I was scared. And all of them warned me to 'take a tissue box'. As you can well imagine, I didn't want to embarrass myself in the theatre again (So DVD it was!). Aamir Khan's superb production and Darsheel Safary's heart-warming tale of dyslexia, brought about a film that is all about the "sniff-factor". I am warning you, tissues ARE required.

What are some of your favourite tearjerker movies? Don't forget to leave your suggestions in the comments box.

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