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For the Love of Bond

What is it about this super spy that has given us some of most highest grossing films in entertainment history? "Bond, James Bond" and his hot Bond girls have sent people flocking to the cinemas every time a new movie is released. But another thing that's happened since 1962, when Dr. No (the first Bond movie) was in the theatres, is that many leading men have given an identity and a face to that name; and this in turn has given us the good fortune of having "our favourite Bonds".

Star Movies is showing a month-long tribute to this suave, spirited, and witty spy; and it's aptly called 'For the love of Bond'. And while I watch some of the most intriguing, action-packed movies ever made, I can't help but compare all the Bonds that have ever graced the silver screen, to pick and choose which one I really like the most.

Sean Connery

Some call him the ultimate Bond; no one can surpass him. Being the first Bond (with Dr. No in 1962), he has that advantage. Most Bonds are compared to him, and being the actor that he is, he is incomparable. After starring in five Bond movies back to back, he was replaced, but then he returned to play the MI6 super spy Diamonds Are Forever in 1971, his final offering.

George Lazenby

George Lazenby replaced Sean Connery in 1969 to film On Her Majesty's Secret Service. Reportedly, he was under tremendous pressure to fit into Connery's shoes and once the film released, critics slammed him for poor acting (or at least poor acting as compared to Connery). Even so, the film was a huge hit.

Roger Moore

It is said that Roger Moore was Ian Flemming's (the author of the original series) favourite for the role of James Bond, but eventually lost it to Connery. Moore as Bond was a more light-hearted, tongue-in-cheek character, very different to the stoic, serious role played by Connery. Moore is also known to make the most number of Bond films, even surpassing that of Connery's, with seven films to date.

Timothy Dalton

After Roger Moore retired from playing Bond, Timothy Dalton took his place and starred in 1987′s The Living Daylights. With a worldwide gross of $191 million, The Living Daylights became the fourth most successful Bond film at the time of its release. Dalton had a contract for making three Bond films, but could manage making only two.

Pierce Brosnan

Pierce Brosnan took over from Dalton to star in 1995′s Golden Eye. Known to be the most cool-cat character of Bond, Brosnan epitomised the character of Bond by becoming his face in a popular video game James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing. Four Bond movies later, he is arguably the most popular Bond.

Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig replaced Pierce Brosnan and is probably the most interesting of Bonds ever. If you take a look a look all of Bond heroes, none have a physique to match Craig's. Maybe this was done because Craig was going to play the young Bond. However, his stoic, serious nature can be compared to that of Connery's. And it is without a doubt that this one's my favourite. Playing the somewhat vulnerable, somewhat angry, and having a lot more screen presence than all the other Bonds, Craig gets my thumbs up for being the best Bond ever.

Who is your favourite Bond and why? Let me know. You can also vote for your favourite Bond in the poll below.