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Come, dance in the rains

If there is one thing I love, it is the rains. As the skies darken and the rains fall pitter patter, I become restless.  But then,  with the summer sun blazing, i can just dream about those songs which added a sizzle when they hit screen. Well, let me just stop writing and list some of my favorite rain songs.

Don't we all relate to the long summers when the mind and the body yearns for it to start raining?  And when the skies turn dark, doesn't it call for a party? Here's Bhuvan and his team of rustic villagers rejoicing at the sight of the dark clouds in the horizon.  (This does not really classify as a rain dance…but, we need to set the mood, right?)

And then it rained.  The music of the rains, the dreams she saw…

When it rains, says Chameli, she doesn't know where her mind flows.

Rain makes the heroine happy, and she dances with abandon.

Do raindrops talk? I feel they do, and so does the heroine

It is not just the heroine who likes to shake a leg, everyone enjoys this amazing number.

There are many more that I can list, but I hope you enjoy the rains with these songs.