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What makes ‘Why This Kolaveri Di’ a hit

Dhanush singing KolaveriThere are times when I really love my work. Listening to this song, 'Why this Kolaveri,' the latest rage to hit the net, in an endless loop and debating with everybody about it is just one of them.

So, you may ask me, what makes it one of the most quirky Tanglish (read Tamil+ English) song ever? For me, it's the catchy tune, the attitude, the ease with which Dhanush belts it out that makes it special. Here's what Anirban, a collegue who does not know a single phrase in Tamil says about this song. 'It is catchy and intensely raw which makes it totally hummable.' And may be, this is a pan Indian sentiment.  A report in The Hindu says that 'Why this Kolaveri di' became the first regional film song to be played by radio stations around the country on Tuesday evening.

But Kolaveri, Soup Song... what do these words even mean to someone not familiar with the local slang? Kolaveri, loosely translated becomes 'murderous rage'. And says Dhanush "I call it the 'soup song' for 'soup boys'. I came up with this term actually. A soup boy essentially means a guy who has been dumped by a girl and the soup song is a 'love failure' song which a guy sings after getting dumped. He goes on, "the words that have been used in the song are words currently in trend today. Also, it's English but sung with a Tamil accent. Thus, even a Hindi-speaking or a Telugu-speaking person can understand it. Language is no bar at all. I think any youngster can relate to the concept. He can use it to make fun of his friend or even himself!" Here's what he had to tell The Times of India

Debutant composer Anirudh is elated with the song becoming an instant hit among the youth for its catchy lyrics penned by Dhanush. "It's not meant to be anti-anything. Director [Aishwarya Dhanush] said the situation demanded a light-hearted fun song about love failure. I came up with a tune in ten minutes. I don't know what kind of mood Dhanush was in...he started singing in broken English and came up with this in 20 minutes. It just happened," recalls Anirudh while talking to The Hindu.

Dhanush who has penned the lyrics and sung it, tells the Times Of India, "The concept for Kolaveri Di is new. I never ever imagined that this song would become such a huge rage nationally. If someone had told me earlier that it would, I would not have believed them!

Here, in this video, we have Aishwarya and Dhanush explaining how this song came to be.

And for those of you who want to sing along, roll over to this blog by T S Sudhir.

Oh, by the way, there are people who absolutely hate this song. "It does not have any meaning and lacks the punch of some other Tamil songs which are equally silly," says another colleague. And for those who swear by classical Carnatic music, here is a version of Kolaveri loosely based on the raga Subhapantuvarali.  But, for me it's time to hum "cow-u cow-u holi cow-u - i want u hear now-u - Why this Kolaveri....

Screen grab, Video: NDTV