How Spielberg and Jackson recreated Tintin?

Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson join forces to bring the world-famous Belgian reporter to li…


Yahoo! India Movies - As trailers of 'The Secret Of The Unicorn' release worldwide today, we t…

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  • Best AnswerFlight 714. It had the action, adventure and humor of the older stories combined with Herge's increasingly sophisticated technique towards the end of his career. Plus, flying saucers. How can you lose?
  • Tintin in Tibet. The scene where captain Haddock runs into an Indian porter and gets an earful of scolding in Hindi is hilarious!
  • Tintin and the Picaros. My first Tintin (not uncle's, not cousins' nor sibling's, but my very own). Made me love Tintin over Asterix.

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